Backpacking is a form of budget travelling where you travel with only a backpack. Every single trip I have taken has always been a backpacking trip- I have never taken a suitcase, that life just isn’t for me.

From staying in hostels to eating street food, it’s all part of travelling on a budget.

It’s super easy to backpack in some countries, but in others not so much. But I always find a way to make it work, and through my backpacking guides, I’ve shared my experience and tips and tricks to help your trip go even smoother than mine.

So far, I’ve backpacked in 24 countries and I’m in the process of writing backpacking guides for each destination. In the meantime, check out some of the guides I have already published here:

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An image of a temple taken whilst travelling the Banana Pancake Trail

📝Banana Pancake Trail: The Ultimate Guide 2024

A picture of Machu Pichu taken against a cloudy sky.

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Backpacking Country Guides

Southeast Asia

The image features the dramatic, serpentine turns of the Ha Giang Loop, a famous motorbiking route in Vietnam. Motorcyclists navigate the tight curves of the road as it snakes up the lush, green mountainside, showcasing the adventure and beauty of the region's landscape. It is a must-do when backpacking Vietnam.

📝Backpacking Vietnam: Ultimate Budget Guide 2024

A picture of the Grand Palace in Bangkok

📝Backpacking Thailand: The Ultimate Guide 2024

Aerial view of Bangkok cityscape showing a mix of traditional Thai architecture with red-roofed temples and modern high-rise buildings under a clear blue sky

📝Backpacking Bangkok: Ultimate Bangkok Budget Guide (2024)

A picture of a row of long tail boats lined up on a beach in Krabi

📝Backpacking Krabi: Budget Travel Guide 2024

Backpacking Vang Vieng cover image. A picture of the temples surrounded by scenic mountaneous views

📝Backpacking Vang Vieng: Budget Travel Guide 2024

A picture of the water display in Singapore Airport.

📝Backpacking Singapore: Ultimate Guide 2024

South America

An aerial view of the Christ the Redeemer statue standing on a mountain in Rio

📝Backpacking Brazil: Ultimate Budget Travel Guide 2024


A picture of the Trevi Fountain in Colosseum against a clear dark blue sky with a shadow being cast on the lower half of the fountain.

📝Rome On A Budget: Backpacking Rome Guide 2024

A picture of the picturesque Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen, with the colourful buildings reflecting on the canal's water.

📝Copenhagen On A Budget: Backpacking Copenhagen Guide 2024

A wide shot of Buckingham Palace in London taken by putting a camera through the fence.

📝Backpacking London: London On A Budget Guide 2024

A hazy aerial view of Hamburg, with a blue foggy sky.

📝Backpacking Hamburg: Hamburg On A Budget Guide 2024


A picture of a rainbow over Melbourne's skyline

📝Backpacking Melbourne: Ultimate Budget Travel Guide 2024


A panoramic view over Kathmandu, with some greenery in the foreground and the city in the background.

📝Backpacking Kathmandu: Ultimate Guide 2024

A close up of a camel sitting on the ground in Petra, Jordan.

📝Backpacking Jordan: Ultimate Guide 2024

North America

A typical street in Mexico with yellow buildings and orange hues.

📝Backpacking Mexico: Ultimate Budget Travel Guide 2024