Can You Use Revolut In Vietnam? (2024)

The answer to “Can you use Revolut in Vietnam?” isn’t a straightforward yes or no.

I spent one month travelling in Vietnam, using Revolut along the way, so it is possible, but before my trip, I found conflicting information about using it.

To help you feel less confused, I’ve put together a complete guide with clear answers and tips for using Revolut in Vietnam.

Can You Use Revolut In Vietnam?

The answer is yes, you can use Revolut in Vietnam.

You can use Revolut to make card payments throughout the country without any currency conversion fees, which is one of the biggest pros of using Revolut.

Revolut has no restrictions in Vietnam and you can use it freely during your time in the country.

I spent a month backpacking in Vietnam and used it all throughout my trip to withdraw cash.

Person holding a Revolut card against a picturesque background of a narrow alley and railway tracks in Vietnam, highlighting the global usability of Revolut cards while traveling in Vietnam.

But from my experience, there are few places which accept card payments in Vietnam. And on the occasion when card payments were accepted, there was a 1-3% fee for paying by card instead of cash.

For this reason, I preferred to use my Revolut card to withdraw cash from ATMs and use the cash to pay for things instead. It’s a bit of an inconvenience to have to withdraw cash, but the whole reason to use Revolut is to avoid fees, so I wanted to avoid the 1-3% fee for paying by card too.

I usually withdrew 4 million dong at a time which is roughly equivalent to $160, but since Vietnam is so cheap, this would last me almost a week.

To be honest, it felt pretty cool to say I was a millionaire! 😎

Assortment of Vietnamese dong currency notes in various denominations laid out, showcasing the colorful design and patterns

Another good thing about using cash in Vietnam with a Revolut card is you can usually skip the ATM fee. Most ATMs in Vietnam charge a withdrawal fee, but for whatever reason, most of the time it doesn’t work on Visa cards (which Revolut is), meaning you can withdraw cash with no fees.

This is the case even when it pops up on the screen to let you know you’re going to be charged. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this trick, and it worked for everyone else I told about it too.

For clarity, Revolut does not charge an ATM fee, but if there is a fee charged by the ATM itself, there is nothing Revolut can do. So if the ATM fee does go through, you just have to suck it up – this is the case when using Revolut in Thailand.

Note that there are ATM fees on Revolut for Business Account holders and for any withdrawals after your monthly limit.

In my opinion, the only downside about Revolut in Vietnam is you can’t hold money in Vietnamese dong on your Revolut account. It’s not possible to exchange money into dong in advance. The currency is just automatically converted when you use your Revolut card.

This is why I said in the introduction that the answer isn’t a straightforward yes or no. You can’t hold the Vietnamese currency, but you can spend it without any exchange fees on Revolut.

It’s not a huge issue, but I like to have my currency all sitting there so I know how much I have. But on the other hand, it’s helpful to see my currency in brackets on the notification any time I make a payment.

Smartphone displaying a Revolut app notification indicating an ATM withdrawal of 4,000,000 VND (€127.95), with the time shown as 10:45 on the pink-themed lock screen. This showcases the use of Revolut in Vietnam for convenient currency transactions

It also means you can’t send Vietnamese dong to anyone else by money transfer, but I doubt that is an issue for many people.

Aside from this, it works perfectly in Vietnam and I had no complaints during my month using it while travelling from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. It worked all of the time from big cities to small towns.

So yes, you can use Revolut in Vietnam.

Revolut Vietnamese Dong Exchange Rate

Like any currency in the world, the exchange rate with the Vietnamese dong varies on a day-to-day basis, and so too does Revolut’s rate.

I recommend checking the conversion rate on Revolut’s site for the most up-to-date rate, but to give you an idea, here is what you get for your money in VND as of April 2024.

CurrencyVietnamese dong
$1 USD24,930
€1 EUR26,752
£1 GBP31,304

Make sure you decline the exchange rate offer from ATMs, as the exchange rate offered by Revolut is always much better. It will say “The exchange rate will be determined by your bank” and this is what you want.

Exterior view of a VietinBank ATM in a busy street in Vietnam, with several motorbikes parked in front and pedestrians walking by.

Josh’s Top 6 Tips For Using Revolut In Vietnam

While using Revolut is fairly straightforward and you can get by without any instructions, I thought I would give you some tips I picked up during my time travelling in Vietnam. Hopefully, they help you optimise your use of Revolut and help you make the most of your money while travelling because when you’re on a budget, every penny counts.

  1. Don’t withdraw at the weekend: One of the only downsides to using Revolut is that you are charged a fee for exchanging currencies at the weekend. Make sure you have cash withdrawn on Friday evenings, so you don’t have to withdraw over the weekend and pay the fee.
  2. The ATMs are sheltered: When I first arrived in Vietnam, I struggled to find an ATM. That’s because I was looking for a typical ATM on the street. In Vietnam, ATMs are usually in shelters, kind of like bus stop shelters, which are slightly off main roads. It makes withdrawing cash feel safe – I liked the shelters once I knew how to find them.
  3. Use Revolut for transport: A scenario in which you can use Revolut to pay for things in Vietnam is on Grab, Vietnam’s version of Uber. Simply load up your card and you can automatically pay every time you take a journey. It’s so convenient and saves you from having to pay the driver in cash.
  4. Decline the ATM conversion rate: As I mentioned earlier in the post, ATMs will ask you if you want to accept their rate. Decline it! Revolut offers a significantly better rate than any ATM in the world. The ATM rates are a rip-off, make sure you always decline them – even if you are not using a Revolut card.
  5. Bring your actual Revolut card: On the occasion when you can pay for things using card in Vietnam, you often need your actual card rather than paying using Apple Pay or Google Pay. Usually, you just hand the person your card and they will charge it for you.
  6. Don’t carry too much cash: As cash is king in Vietnam, it’s easy to give in to the temptation of withdrawing all of your cash in one go. This is a bad idea from experience. It might get lost, it might get stolen (even though Vietnam is safe), and it’s easier to overspend. Since there are no fees, just withdraw when you need money.
A tourist stands smiling in front of the historic Tran Quoc Pagoda in Vietnam, with a lake in the backdrop and informational signboards to the left


Below are some commonly asked questions relating to “Can you use Revolut in Vietnam?” along with my answers to each question.

Does Revolut support Vietnam?

Yes, Revolut supports Vietnam and offers one of the most competitive exchange rates on the market. It’s the best card to have while travelling in Vietnam as there are no fees for exchanging currency, and you can withdraw without being charged. The only downside is you can’t hold VND in your Revolut account.

Can I withdraw money from Revolut in Vietnam?

Yes, you can withdraw money from Revolut in Vietnam. You can’t hold money in your Revolut account in Vietnamese dong, but you can make an ATM withdrawal, and the currency will be automatically converted.

Which travel card is best for Vietnam?

The best travel card for Vietnam is Revolut as even though you can’t hold any VND in your account, you can spend and withdraw in dong without any fees for exchanging currency. Cash is king in Vietnam so it’s best to withdraw cash using Revolut.

Is Monzo or Revolut better or Vietnam?

Revolut is better in Vietnam as you can withdraw cash without any fees, and for some reason, the ATM fees don’t apply to Visa cards, which Revolut is. Plus, the exchange rate is often better than on Monzo.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a complete guide to “Can you use Revolut in Vietnam?”

To summarise, you can’t hold VND in your account, but you can spend money and withdraw cash in Vietnam using Revolut without any problems.

I loved using Revolut while I was there. I use it everywhere I go in the world and I’ve never had a problem. It’s a must-have for anyone and one of my top backpacking hacks.