Copenhagen Solo Travel: Ultimate Guide 2024

Planning a solo trip to Copenhagen?

You’ve come to the right place as I’m a full-time traveller and I’ve solo travelled in Copenhagen on multiple trips.

Before visiting a city, especially solo, there are so many questions to find out the answers to.

My Copenhagen Solo Travel guide will tell you everything you need to know before taking on Denmark by yourself.

Don’t worry- it’s a really easy city for travelling solo! I had a great time during my 3 days in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Solo Travel

If you’re considering booking a solo trip to Copenhagen- do it!

Copenhagen is an amazing place for solo travelling.

There are fantastic hostel options, the people are really friendly, and most importantly, it’s safe.

It’s also possible to visit Copenhagen on a budget. Although Copenhagen is an incredibly expensive place to go to, it’s not impossible to save some money too.

During my 3 days solo in Copenhagen, I spent just under 1800 DKK (roughly equivalent to £217 / $261 / €241). Compare this to the amount some other people spend, I don’t think it’s too bad.

A picture of me standing in front of the coloured houses of Nyhavn during my Copenhagen solo travel trip.

Copenhagen solo travel is a memorable experience. There are a number of exciting things to do in the city, and a good number of them are free.

I was humming and hawing about booking a trip to Copenhagen on my own as it’s not generally a popular place for solo travel, unlike solo travelling Southeast Asia, for example.

But I had a great time! I would recommend it to anyone. As always with solo travel, you can do exactly what you want whenever you want, can eat wherever you like, and grow as a person.

So go ahead and book that trip!

Is Copenhagen Safe For Solo Travel?

Yes! Copenhagen is safe for solo travel. Copenhagen is safe for anyone and everyone, I actually have a complete guide to “Is Copenhagen safe?” and the answer is yes!

Copenhagen is the safest city in the world, so you can travel without any safety concerns, even by yourself.

Knowing somewhere is safe is very reassuring and makes a solo trip much easier. Copenhagen solo travel is beginning to seem less intimidating, right?

As I said, it’s an amazing part of the world, and I would encourage anyone to visit, especially solo travellers.

Throughout my time there, I was walking around on my own (even at night) quite often, and I never felt unsafe or had any safety concerns.

Of course, everything is down to personal experience and someone may have had an unsafe time in Copenhagen, but generally speaking, it’s the safest place in the world.

Take a look at this photo. The locals don’t even lock their bikes. That’s how safe Copenhagen is…

A picture of bikes in Copenhagen with no locks on them.

Meeting People In Copenhagen

To be honest, you aren’t going to meet as many people in Copenhagen as you would solo travelling somewhere more popular like Thailand or Brazil, but you will still meet some great people.

As always with solo travelling, there are ways to help yourself to meet new people. I always recommend learning the basics of the language of the country you are visiting, in this case, Danish.

I use Duolingo personally. It’s always nice to try to speak the language (hello, thanks, etc.) even though I found most Danish people speak English really, really well!

A picture of me in front of the Little Mermaid during my Copenhagen solo travel trip.

But the easiest and most common way to meet people while on your own is by staying in a hostel. This is how I met 2 friends in Copenhagen!

You could also use apps for solo travellers to meet other people in the city on their own. But I still prefer the old-school hostel method.

Best Hostel In Copenhagen

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In my opinion, the best hostel in Copenhagen is Next House Copenhagen. Copenhagen solo travel trip? Stay here! It’s such a good hostel that I wrote a full Next House Copenhagen review.

It’s the fanciest and most luxurious hostel I have ever stayed in (but still affordable!). You get a private pod in your room as opposed to normal bunk beds in a dorm. It’s great to have a little bit of privacy while still having the social aspect of staying in a room with multiple people.

There are also multiple bars and restaurants, meaning there are lots of opportunities to meet new people.

Not to mention the football pitch, gym and arcade games on offer too. It’s a perfect hostel for meeting people.

I couldn’t recommend it enough and I would be back in a heartbeat.

I would particularly suggest staying here if this is your first solo trip, as it allows for a bit of privacy to ease you into hostel life. There are lots of differences between a hostel and a hotel after all!

A picture of the hostel rooms in Next House Copenhagen, with pods creating a private space for each bed.

🏨Book your stay in Next House Copenhagen by clicking here.

Things To Do Solo In Copenhagen

There are many things to do in Copenhagen during your time there. I have handpicked the best things to do that are especially applicable to Copenhagen solo travel. You want to meet people right? I always say that in solo travel, although you are travelling by yourself, you are rarely actually alone. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much!

1) Take a walking tour: One of the best things to do when travelling solo anywhere in the world is to take a walking tour. A walking tour of Copenhagen allows you to see many of the city’s main sights, as well as be a part of a tour group, providing the chance to meet new people. There are usually a few solo travellers.

2) Take a bike tour: If walking tours aren’t your thing, a bike tour is another great option. Similar to the walking tours, it allows you to see the city as well as meet new people. But a bike tour of Copenhagen is especially good as Copenhagen is very cycle-friendly, it’s how the locals get around the city.

3) Take a canal tour: And a third tour option, which I would do on top of one or even both of the previous two is to take a canal tour. The canal tours in Copenhagen are unreal, the city is so pretty and seeing it from the unique perspective of the canal is amazing. The tour boats are always busy, so you’re guaranteed to find someone to talk to.

A picture taken from the canals in Copenhagen. A canal tour is a must-do during a Copenhagen solo travel trip.

4) Visit Nyhavn: The most popular tourist spot in Copenhagen is Nyhavn. If you are on a Copenhagen solo travel trip, you are gonna want to spend a good amount of time here. It’s always really busy, with loads of tourists. This means it’s really easy to meet people!

5) Visit Tivoli Gardens: One of the easiest places to make new friends in Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens. As a theme park, it’s a fun place, right? So it’s already an easy place to meet people. But there are also lots of good food options, meaning you can sit down and have a nice meal with some people you just met. What better way to get to know someone than over delicious food?

6) Visit Rosenborg: This is more just to visit because it’s a cool place. Rosenborg castle is home to the Danish crown jewels, and they’re amazing to look at. And of course, the castle itself is unique and beautiful in its architecture.

A picture of Rosenborg Castle.

7) Visit Christiansborg: Again, this is “just” another must-visit in Copenhagen. Christiansborg is a beautiful building in Copenhagen which is also the Danish parliament. You can walk around Chrstiansborg and through the courtyard, it’s stunning.

8) Swim in the harbour baths: A fun and unique way to meet people could be in the harbour baths. The Islands Brygge Harbour Bath is a natural swimming pool and a popular spot in Copenhagen. Though I’m not sure I would do this if you visit Copenhagen in January as I did!

9) Get a panoramic view of Copenhagen: Personally, when solo travelling I always love to get a view over the city’s skyline. There are endless opportunities for this in Copenhagen. 3 examples are the Round Tower, Christiansborg Tower, and the Church of our Saviour. Each of these offers a beautiful look over the city.

A picture of the view from Christiansborg Tower.

10) Take part in a pub crawl: Lastly, as a solo traveller, a really easy way to meet new people is by taking part in a Copenhagen pub crawl. It’s so so easy to make new friends, as well as get a taste of the excellent Copenhagen nightlife. An absolute must-do for solo travellers!

How To Get Around Solo In Copenhagen

One of the reasons that Copenhagen solo travel is so great is that everything is within walking distance. If you stay in Next House Copenhagen or anywhere near Copenhagen Central Station, you are within a 5-minute walk of Tivoli Gardens, a 20-minute walk of Nyhavn, etc.

Copenhagen is a very walkable city which is great if you are visiting on a budget. I personally always walk anywhere when travelling solo as it allows me to get a glimpse of the city away from the tourist attractions.

Copenhagen Solo Travel: FAQ

Below are a number of questions related to Copenhagen solo travel along with my answers.

Is Copenhagen good for solo travel?

Yes, Copenhagen is an amazing place for solo travel. Although it’s not famous as a popular solo travel destination, it’s definitely possible to visit Copenhagen solo. There are lots of great hostel options as well as lots of fun things to do by yourself.

Is Copenhagen good for solo female travellers?

While I’m not female, I did meet some solo female travellers in Copenhagen during my time there. They seemed to really enjoy the city and we actually talked once about how Copenhagen is the safest city in the world.

Is Denmark safe to travel alone?

Denmark is incredibly safe. It’s definitely safe to solo travel. Especially in Copenhagen, which is the safest city in the whole world.

What to do in Copenhagen alone?

If you are visiting Copenhagen alone, the best things to do are a walking tour or a bike tour. As these allow you to see the city and the main attractions as well as meet new people. You can also take part in a Copenhagen pub crawl, which is a very easy opportunity to meet new people.

Copenhagen Solo Travel: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete Copenhagen solo travel guide.

Whether it’s your first solo trip or your 100th, you will LOVE Copenhagen.

It’s an amazing city and a city that works perfectly for solo travellers.

So book those flights! Book that hostel! And enjoy your trip to Denmark 🙂

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