Copenhagen Zoo: 2024 Review & Tips For Visiting

Copenhagen Zoo is known for being one of the best zoos in the world.

But in a city filled with so many things to do, is it worth adding to a Copenhagen itinerary?

This is a question I also had.

But during a trip to Copenhagen, I spent half a day at Copenhagen Zoo, so I feel confident to provide a complete review of the zoo.

So let’s get straight into it.

Copenhagen Zoo Review

To summarise this entire review into one sentence: Copenhagen is the best zoo I have ever been to.

As an animal lover, I always try to add a zoo to an itinerary where possible. For example, I visited the zoo in Rome as part of a 4 day trip, but very few people would include it on their itinerary.

All in all, I can’t recommend Copenhagen Zoo enough.

Firstly, it is included in the Copenhagen Card, meaning I got entry into the zoo for free, which is a huge bonus. And trust me, the ticket prices would be worth it anyway.

Secondly, it had a bunch of animals which I hadn’t seen before, the most notable being pandas – I’ll speak more about them later.

Thirdly, the atmosphere around the zoo was really nice and there are lots of things to do, places to eat, there’s even a tower with a viewing platform offering panoramic views.

Fourthly, and most importantly, the zoo is really well run. The enclosures are much larger than I’ve seen anywhere else, and the zoo is a very open space.

A picture of the rhino enclosure in Copenhagen Zoo.

The animals all have plenty of room and seem to be looked after really well, which is nice to see.

One of the things the zoo is famous for is its elephant house, and it lives up to the hype. The gracious giants have so much room and seem happy- which is uncommon for elephants in zoos. It was really nice to see.

After visiting the zoo, it’s clear why Copenhagen Zoo is ranked as one of the best zoos in the world.

And I can vouch for that ranking – I’d even put it higher up as it’s better than other zoos I’ve visited that are above it – it’s genuinely incredible and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Copenhagen.

To conclude, it’s 11/10 from me. Beyond amazing. Words can’t express how much I enjoyed my time at Copenhagen Zoo.

A picture of a toucan up close taken through a fence.

Copenhagen Zoo Ticket Prices

As I said earlier, I recommend buying the Copenhagen Card. It includes entry into all of Copenhagen’s main attractions including the likes of Rosenborg Castle, Tivoli Gardens, The Round Tower, and of course, Copenhagen Zoo. A canal boat tour is even included!

It’s such good value for money, you also get free transport. It’s a must-buy, especially if you’re visiting Copenhagen on a budget like I was, it’s a no-brainer.

But, if you just want to know the ticket prices for the zoo, here are the most recent prices as of October 2023, along with their rough currency conversions.

Ticket TypePriceConversion
Adult (12+)239 DKK$34 / €32 / £28
Child (3-11)139 DKK$20 / €19 / £16

🎟 Buy your Copenhagen Zoo tickets here.

Tickets are not limited to a date, which is good. They are valid for a year from when you purchase them, so if you want to budget ahead of time for your Copenhagen trip, you can buy your tickets in advance and use them whenever you want.

Kids under 3 also get in for free, which is always good too. It’s one under 3 per adult ticket.

There are also bundles available to buy if you have groups larger than 15 people, and there are also annual passes known as Zoo Cards available, which allow year-round entry whenever you want.

If you’re living in Copenhagen, I’d definitely consider it!

And there are also animal experiences where you can up close to the animals and get to know a lot about them. The pandas, chimps, hippos, penguins and more all have animal encounters. The only thing is, they’re only offered in Danish. So if you only speak English, it’s unfortunately not for you.

Nonetheless, still make sure to buy your tickets. You won’t be disappointed!

A pciture of lions in a shelter made out of rocks in Copenhagen Zoo.

Is Copenhagen Zoo Worth Visiting?

Yes, without a doubt, Copenhagen Zoo is worth visiting.

I would include it on any Copenhagen itinerary from 2 days and up. I consider it a must-do. There’s so much on offer and it’s one of my favourite things in the whole of Copenhagen.

It is a little bit outside the centre of the city, naturally because you need a large area for a zoo, but it’s easy to reach with public transport and doesn’t take long to get there. Again, public transport is included in the Copenhagen Card.

One of my favourite things about the zoo in Copenhagen was it had animals that I hadn’t seen before. The main one is the panda. Copenhagen Zoo has 2 pandas loaned from China, one male and one female.

A picture of a panda eating some bamboo in its enclosure.

Their enclosures are very big and it’s fascinating to watch them just chill out and eat bamboo. I spent about 4 hours in the zoo in total and I reckon a good 30 minutes or so was spent admiring the pandas alone. I could’ve spent all day there.

It’s an amazing zoo and so worth visiting. As I said earlier, I can’t recommend it enough.

Copenhagen Zoo Animals

There are more than 4,000 animals to see in Copenhagen Zoo, and it would be impossible to list them all. So I’ll give you a quick overview of what you can expect from a trip to the zoo.

Of course, you have your zoo classics- elephants, zebras, giraffes, chimps, penguins, lions, lots of monkeys, lots of birds, etc.

Then you have some slightly more exclusive animals like the tiger, cheetah, hippos, rhinos, and their walk-in kangaroo and wallaby enclosure. Yes, you can walk inside it. It’s class!

And then you have the A-Listers: The Pandas, and the Polar Bears. To be honest, it’s worth visiting Copenhagen Zoo just for the pandas alone, but the polar bears were also amazing to see.

A picture of a polar bear walking about on some rocks in Copenhagen Zoo.

I’ve seen polar bears since, but Copenhagen was my first time seeing polar bears. It’s also the best enclosure I’ve ever seen. They’ve got so much room and they were eating Christmas trees! They were also very active in swimming and walking about.

There’s a full list of animals in the zoo which you can check out, but it’s pretty much your typical zoo, but it’s just a better environment. Though there are some hidden gems like the Tasmanian Devils- they’re pretty epic.

A picture of a map of the zoo.

Copenhagen Zoo Observation Tower

A pretty unique feature in Copenhagen Zoo is the observation tower.

Before I say anything else, I’ll make it clear that going up the tower is not included in your ticket. It costs an extra 20 DKK to go up, which is pretty cheap.

And the views are incredible.

You get a breathtaking view over the zoo where you can see pretty much every animal in their enclosures. Seeing pandas, polar bears, lions, rhinos, and so much more all at once is indescribable.

But you also get an amazing view over the surrounding area, with the most notable building being Frederiksberg Runddel, which is a great place to go ice skating if you visit Copenhagen in January or any other of the winter months.

Just take a look at the view for yourself…

A view over the zoo from the observation tower. You can see most of the enclosures and very small animals.

Copenhagen Zoo Food Options

As well as having thousands of animals, there’s also an abundance of food options in Copenhagen Zoo. They don’t let any animal go hungry- humans included!

Bistro Panpan is the most popular restaurant as it has a view of the pandas. It offers a unique twist of French and Asian food.

Spisehuset FOLK is another restaurant in the zoo providing a more traditional experience with classic Danish dishes such as open sandwiches and kartofler.

Personally, I only had a sweet snack. I had some churros and they were very reasonably priced, and tasty too. There are endless food stands and stalls throughout the zoo, you’ll never be too far away from one.

All I’ll say is if you’re eating outside, watch out for the seagulls…

Tips for Visiting Copenhagen Zoo

Like anywhere in the world, there are some things which are useful to know to make the most out of your trip to Copenhagen Zoo. So, to help you have the best time possible, I’ve put together 5 top tips for visiting the zoo.

  1. Don’t pay for zoo tickets: Entry into Copenhagen Zoo is included in the Copenhagen Card which also includes all of Copenhagen’s other main attractions. It’s the best way to make the most of your money in the city and it’s a no-brainer.
  2. Go at opening time: If you can, the best time to visit the zoo is right as it opens, because it’s the least busy. I went at opening time and headed straight for the pandas. I had 10 minutes or so by myself before anyone else came.
  3. Do the second half of the zoo first: Copenhagen Zoo is split into two halves. I would head to the pandas first if you go at opening, and after seeing the pandas, head to the other side of the zoo first with the savannah. I feel like the first half is better and I prefer saving the best to last.
  4. You can book animal experiences: If you speak Danish, there are animal experiences on offer at the zoo. You can have animal encounters with the camels, chimps, pandas, penguins, wombats, Tasmanian devils, tigers, giraffes and hippos. It’s a great way to see them up close and learn more about the animals.
  5. Check the feeding times: There are feeding times for some of the animals throughout the day. Being able to see them being fed is amazing and if you can plan your zoo route around these times, it’s definitely worth it.
A selfie I took with some wallabys in their walk-in enclosure.

Copenhagen Zoo: FAQ

Below are some questions related to Copenhagen Zoo along with my answers to each question.

How long does it take to see the Copenhagen Zoo?

It takes 2-3 hours to see all of the animals in Copenhagen Zoo, but probably longer if you have kids. You can easily spend half a day or more in the zoo, as there are so many food places and opportunities to relax and admire the animals.

Are there pandas at the Copenhagen Zoo?

Yes, there are two pandas at Copenhagen Zoo. One is male and one is female and they are loaned from China until 2034, on a 15-year lease costing $1 million each year.

What is Copenhagen Zoo known for?

Copenhagen Zoo is known for being one of the best zoos in the world and having large spacious enclosures such as its famous elephant house. The zoo is also known for having giant pandas and over 4,000 other animals.

Is Copenhagen Zoo included in the Copenhagen Card?

Yes, entry to Copenhagen Zoo is included in the Copenhagen Card. It’s great value for money and the best way to save money while visiting Copenhagen.

Final Thoughts: Copenhagen Zoo

And there you have it, a complete guide to visiting Copenhagen Zoo.

As I’ve said throughout this article, it’s my favourite zoo in the world and I can’t wait to go back to Copenhagen and spend another day at the zoo.

If you take note of my visiting tips, it will be one of the highlights of your trip.

Enjoy your trip to Copenhagen and most importantly, enjoy Copenhagen Zoo! 🙂