Does it snow in Australia? Australia in Winter

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Australia. One of the most unique and fascinating countries on our planet. Its vast contrasts make for some of the most beautiful landscapes we know of, and who can forget the stunning cities?

Australia is beautiful normally, but imagine it covered in snow, as a winter wonderland. Does it snow in Australia? Building snowmen down under would be a fun thing to add to your life story!

This post will give a complete guide to answering all questions you may have about Winter in Australia.

Does it snow in Australia?

It does snow in Australia! Some parts of Australia experience snowfall during the Winter. This is great news, right? The dream of Australia being covered in snow can come true.

Snow in Australia occurs mainly inland, as the sea regulates the temperature at the coasts. Snowfall generally avoids the cities, but not all cities. Although, snow in Australia is pretty unpredictable and very inconsistent. It changes year on year.

Nonetheless, it does snow in Australia, and as a snow-lover myself, there’s no better experience than playing in the snow in Oz.

A picture of a snowy mountain in Australia

Does it snow in Cairns?

Unfortunately, the chances of it snowing in Cairns are pretty low. In fact, it’s almost a guarantee that it won’t snow in Cairns. Snow in Queensland is extremely rare, due to it being in the north of Australia, it has a more tropical climate and therefore, the chance of snow is very slim.

Some trees in Cairns Botanical Gardens with a very sunny sky.
Some trees in Cairns Botanical Gardens with a very sunny sky.

Does it snow in Melbourne?

Melbourne has an extremely low chance of it snowing too. It has snowed in Melbourne before, the last time was in 2016 and there are only a handful of reported cases before that. So Melbourne won’t exactly be your next winter wonderland retreat, as nice of an idea as that would be.

There are other places in Victoria that experience snowfall though, so if you are staying in Melbourne, you aren’t too far away from doing a snow angel.

A picture of Melbourne looking very sunny.

Does it snow in Victoria?

Yes! Victoria is one of the few Australian states that experience snow in fact. In the northeast of Victoria, in the area known as High County, snow is relatively common here. And when I say relatively, I mean relatively. I would encourage you to take the word “common” very loosely.

Snow is rare but if it’s going to happen anywhere, there’s a high chance that it could be in Victoria.

A picture of snow in Australia as we show a bit of victoria looking snowy

Does it snow in Sydney?

The chances of snow in Sydney are incredibly low. Believe it or not, it’s such a rare occurrence that the last recorded report of snowfall in Sydney was in June 1836. With nearly 200 years of no snow, I wouldn’t be putting Sydney at the top of your list for your skiing holiday.

Sydney does, however, experience hail. But unfortunately, you aren’t able to play winter sports on hail.

No snow in sydney but a beautiful picture of the infamous opera house

Does it snow in New South Wales (NSW)?

YES! New South Wales is the best place for snow in Australia. Most of the ski resorts are in NSW and for good reason. Some of the slopes are beautiful, with or without snow. Add snow, and it’s simply wow. The definition of a winter wonderland.

Snow in australia! Snow in NSW is the most common out of all the states

Does it snow in Canberra?

Despite being one of the coldest cities in Australia due to it being on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, Canberra does not receive snowfall. As Canberra is 600 meters above sea level, Canberra’s moisture levels are pretty low, meaning snow is unlikely to fall over the Australian capital.

A picture of parliament in Canberra

Does it snow in Perth?

Perth is as close to a guarantee that it will not snow as you can get. There are no recorded cases of snow in Perth. So, unfortunately, the residents of Perth are yet to experience snowfall in their home city.

A picture of the sun shining over Perth

As I said, most of the major cities, thus the cities I have singled out, do not experience high levels of snow in Winter. You are best going to places where snow is more likely, which I will list later.

When is winter in Australia?

When is Winter in Australia?” is a super common question, and the answer might surprise you.

Winter in Australia is pretty much the opposite of most of the world. The Winter season runs from the beginning of June until the end of August. In Australia, the seasons officially begin on the first day of each calendar month.

Therefore, winter in Australia runs from the 1st of June until the 31st of August. Making up 92 days of Winter for the Aussies.

How cold is it in winter in Australia?

During Australia’s winters, it can get very cold. Average temperatures can drop to below 5°C / 41°F during the winter months. So pretty cold, right? Obviously, if it does snow, it drops to freezing.

The coldest months are June and July in Australia. Particularly in the weeks following the June solstice (June 22nd). Especially during the night, you’ll need to wrap up warm.

The coldest temperature ever recorded was in 1994 in Charlotte Pass, NSW. It was as cold as -23°C / -9°F. The brain freeze I get from trying to process how cold that is is unbearable!

A picture of warm clothes, needed for winter in Australia

When does it snow in Australia?

As you can probably figure, it’s most likely to snow in Australia in the months when it’s most cold. Therefore, any chance of snow is likely to occur in June or July. This is when most recorded cases are.

So if you’re planning a ski trip to Australia, book your trip for the start of your summer holidays (your summer- not Australian summer!).

Can you ski in Australia?

As a matter of fact, yes! You are able to ski in Australia during the snow season. It’s not exactly what down under is famous for, but it is possible to ski in Australia. However, you obviously need to find somewhere that has adequate levels of snow and is home to some ski resorts. Of course, snowboarding is possible too.

A picture of someone skiing down a slope

Where does it snow in Australia?

Snow in Australia happens most often in the mountains. Particularly in Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. There are a number of ski resorts in these states, with an annual snowfall of up to 3 inches. But as I said, snow in Australia is extremely unpredictable.

Best places for snow in Australia

Choosing where to spend your time in Australia if you are seeking snow can be tough. There aren’t many places to choose from. However, I have compiled a list of the best places for snow in Australia. In no particular order:

  1. Perisher, NSW

Perisher is the biggest ski destination in Australia. There are 4 main resorts here and over a thousand hectares to ski on. There are 7 mountains and 5 terrain parks to choose from, so it’s a pretty great place to choose for a snow stay. Perisher is most quickly accessed from Sydney where it is just under 500 kilometres away.

A picture of Perisher, one of the best places to see snow in Australia
Perisher Valley
  1. Thredbo, NSW

Home of the Kosciuszko National Park, Thredbo is an excellent choice for finding snow in Australia. The park is extremely popular and is filled with luxury accommodations and ski resorts. Thredbo is also just under 500 kilometres from Sydney.

Did you know? Australia is home to its very own Australian Alps, the country’s highest mountain range, found in the southeast. Funnily enough, this is where most of the skiing spots are found.

  1. Oberon, NSW

Oberon brings in the hattrick of NSW snow spots. It’s a lot quieter than the previous two, making for a more intimate winter experience. It’s also closer to Sydney, only two hours away. However, there are no ski slopes here, but there are plenty of cosy cabins and other cute winter stays.

  1. Charlotte Pass, NSW

It’s beginning to look like a NSW list. But I did say that it’s the best state for snow in Australia. Charlotte Pass is the best place for skiing in Australia in my opinion. It’s also not as popular as the first two, but it has the highest annual snowfall out of all of Australia’s ski resorts.

It’s a 6-hour drive from Sydney, but the unique thing about Charlotte Pass is, you can only get so far by car. You must take an over-snow buggy to reach the slopes. It’s a true skiing resort.

A picture of Charlotte Pass, another one of the best places to see snow in Australia
  1. Mount Buller, Victoria

This is probably the fastest resort to access from a major city. It’s only a 3-hour drive from Melbourne. It’s also an extremely modern resort, with high-tech lifts. Although it’s very popular and crowded.

  1. Falls Creek, Victoria

Falls Creek isn’t the biggest of the resorts but it’s an intimate place to spend some time in the snow in Australia. And although not big, it’s home to Australia’s longest green run. So it’s a great place for beginners to learn to ski.

A picture of falls creek, yet again a great place to see snow in Australia
  1. Blue Mountains, NSW

Closing my list is the Blue Mountains in NSW. They’re an extremely popular destination for snow, despite it only snowing for around 5 days per year. However, it’s worth visiting regardless of the snow. The Blue Mountains are incredible, especially when they become the Snowy Mountains.

A picture of Blue Mountains in NSW

Other Fun Things to Do in the Snow in Australia

Spending time in the snow in Australia creates so many opportunities for fun things to do that aren’t only skiing and snowboarding. Here are 3 other fun things you can do in the snow:

  • Whiz around on a snowmobile

Snowmobiles are a certainty for success. They are guaranteed fun! There’s no way you can’t have a good time riding around Falls Creek on a snowmobile. It’s such a unique snow experience, but definitely worth doing.

A picture of someone driving a snowmobile over the snow in Australia
  • Spot some wildlife in the snow

As you probably know, Australia’s animals are pretty unique. Seeing them in the snow is a whole new level. It’s something you’ll never forget, it’s such an amazing sight to see. Imagine finding a Tasmanian devil roaming around in the snow. Wow! Your best bet is to book a tour with experts who know what they’re doing.

  • Take a husky ride

Being pulled along by huskies in the snow is genuinely a thing of dreams. Quite literally, it doesn’t feel like real life. It’s too good to be true. Howling Huskys offer the opportunity to experience this dream for yourself. It’s so worth it, the memories are unforgettable.

A picture of a husky ride.

Does it snow in Australia: FAQ

Below are some questions related to “Does it snow in Australia?” along with my answers.

What months does it snow in Australia?

Australia snow is most likely to occur in June and July, during the winter in Australia. Though only parts of Australia receive snowfall. Most of the snow in Australia is found in the Australian Alps.

Does it snow in Australia and New Zealand?

Yes, both Australia and New Zealand receive some amounts of snow, but not very much. The highest chances are in the winter months of June and July.

How often does it snow in Australia?

It doesn’t snow very often in Australia, and only certain parts of the country receive snowfall. The Australian Alps receive between 70 and 150 inches of snow each winter.

Does it snow in Australia: Conclusion

Well, there you have it, a complete guide to “Does it snow in Australia?

The answer is yes! Just not very often.

There are so many great places to spend winter in Australia, and so many great ski slopes and resorts too!

So although I wouldn’t visit Australia exclusively for the snow, it’s a great way to spend some time if you are already in the country.

Again, the answer to “does it snow in Australia?” is yes.