Does it snow in Thailand? Thailand in Winter ❄

Wondering whether it snows in Thailand?

You’ve come to the right place as I’ve visited Thailand in winter and I have the answer as to whether or not it snows in the Land of Smiles.

Visiting Thailand is on the bucket list of many backpackers, budget travellers, families and couples alike. It’s got a reputation for good weather, beautiful islands and an abundance of cultural activities.

But many people may wonder “Does it snow in Thailand?” and luckily for you, I have the answer!

It would be a country that would look amazing covered in snow and icicles, it truly would be a Winter Wonderland.

Let’s find out whether that’s the case or not.

Does it snow in Thailand?

Unfortunately, it does not snow in Thailand.

Being a tropical country, it’s EXTREMELY unlikely, if not impossible to have snow here.

This means that sadly, your dreams of ice skating along the Chao Phraya River won’t be happening. Bad news, right? 🙁

It’s worth noting that there is not much snow in Vietnam or any other nearby countries either.

A picture of Thailand looking very sunny and tropical, showing how it doesn't snow in Thailand

Is there a Winter Season in Thailand?

Yes, Thailand does have a Winter season.

And it’s actually the best months to visit Thailand.

It is the best time due to temperatures being not too warm but not too cold, avoiding the monsoon season (the rainy season which sees heavy rains and floods) and of course, it’s prime time for backpackers as it’s peak tourist season

Backpacking Thailand is an incredible experience, even if there is no snow.

When is Winter in Thailand?

Winter in Thailand is from November until March. Their Winter Solstice is the 22nd of December, one day later than in Western countries.

As I said, this is a great time to avoid the monsoon season, when it rains a lot more, which is between July and October.

Thailand’s tropical climate is so fun, right? The seasons are a bit odd here, as Summer would be classed as March until June.

So Summer comes directly after Winter, pretty much skipping Springtime altogether.

A picture of Thailand's green hills with grey clouds in the sky symbolising Winter in Thailand

How cold is it in Winter in Thailand?

Although Winter is generally viewed as a cold time of year, in Thailand this isn’t exactly the case.

It’s definitely the cooler months in Thailand, but compared to other parts of the world, it’s a pretty warm place to spend Winter.

Imagine how cold it is in New York in Winter, you won’t get this in Thailand. Take a look for yourself…

MonthAverage Temperature
November27°C / 82°F
December28°C / 83°F
January27°C / 82°F
February28°C / 83°F
March30°C / 86°F
Calculated by averaging the Average Daily High and Average Daily Low Temperatures

Weather in Thailand in November

Per the temperature chart above, the average temperature in Thailand in November is in the low 80s (which for all the Americans out there, is so nice for this time of year!). What’s more, the rains are less frequent this month, and because the sun is out most of the time, it feels even warmer.

This is great for beach sports and dare I say, ideal for sunbathing because you don’t have that blistering heat you might in other months. Mind you, I still recommend a good SPF sunscreen, because we all know how sneaky UV rays work.

Weather in Thailand in December

As you can see, it’s ever so slightly warmer in December in Thailand. Again, this is unthinkable compared to most travellers’ home country. Being able to sunbathe in Winter?? What??

If you visit Thailand in December, make sure to spend it in northern Thailand, maybe Chiang Mai for example. It’s much cooler up north, but it’s much rainier in southern Thailand. So I suppose it depends on which you prefer.

Weather in Thailand in January / February / March

It’s a new year in Thailand and over the course of these three months, temperatures begin to rise. Reaching 30°C for the first time! Coincidentally, rain becomes less and less frequent but it does become sunnier and drier as Thailand moves towards the end of its dry season.

Sun lover? You’re going to want to be on the west coast, for example, in Phuket. The west coast is always a tiny bit warmer than the east coast at this time of year. You’ll definitely get a sun tan in this weather, that’s for sure!

A picture of a beach in Thailand

What to wear in Thailand in Winter

Seeing as Thailand is pretty warm during Winter (even though it’s the cool season), you don’t exactly need to wrap up warm.

Your normal clothes for Summer should suffice. I normally wear shorts and a T-shirt.

You’ll also want to bring stuff for swimming, yes, that’s right, it’s warm enough in the Thai Winter to go swimming. It’s literally like being on holiday in the Summer!

Top Tip: Remember to bring appropriate clothing for visiting temples. As a general rule of thumb, ensure you can cover your shoulders and knees.

A picture of a young man in shorts and t-shirts patting an elephant's trunk in Thailand.
This is what I wore most days in Thailand in Winter.

3 Best Places to Spend Winter in Thailand

You can spend Winter in Thailand pretty much anywhere, as it’s not exactly “Winter weather”. That being said, the most popular spots to visit in Thailand are Bangkok obviously, Phuket and Chiang Mai. Of course, if you are visiting Thailand on a longer trip like I did, you’ll want to see a lot more of the country.

1. Bangkok

The chances are high that you will fly into Bangkok when visiting Thailand, but it’s also a city filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of fun things to do. From the floating market to Wat Arun Temple, and everything in between, you’ll want to spend some time in Bangkok.

Backpacking Bangkok is incredibly popular too. It’s somewhat considered a “rite of passage” as it’s one of the most popular cities for backpacking in the world.

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The majestic Grand Palace in Bangkok under a clear blue sky, showcasing its golden roofs and ornate decorations with tourists taking in the sight.

2. Phuket

Since it doesn’t snow in Thailand, you’ll want to take advantage of being by the sea and enjoying the sun in the Winter months. Where better than Phuket? On top of the sandy beaches, there are an array of things to do and temples to visit. But the beaches are definitely the main attraction, it’s an island at the end of the day. Phang Nga is the most popular beach.

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A picture of the yellow sand and turqoise sea in Phuket, with a few boats sitting on the water.

3. Chiang Mai

Ever imagined jungle trekking in Thailand in the Winter? Chiang Mai is the place to be. This part of Thailand is filled with outdoor adventure, with hundreds of hiking routes. Not to mention the beautiful scenery and temples in the area. Wat Sri Suphan is a great example which combines both the temples and the mountainous landscape.

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A picture of a young man posing in front of a waterfall during a jungle trek from Chiang Mai.
A picture of me during a jungle trek from Chiang Mai.

Has it ever snowed in Thailand?

Now, we did say it’s practically impossible to snow in Thailand. But there is one reported case of the Thai people spotting snow. On the 7th of January 1955, there was snowfall in Chiang Rai. This is the only officially recorded case of snow in Thailand. It lay for around 14 hours before melting and snow has yet to return to Thailand, 67 years later.

Funnily enough, this is the same month in which the lowest temperature in Thailand was ever recorded at 10°C / 50°F.

A picture of Thailand looking very cloudy and hazy. This shows how it might have looked when it snowed in Thailand in 1955.

Does it get Cold in Thailand?

While Thailand is renowned for its stunning beaches, lush jungles, and warm climate, it’s a little-known fact that yes, it does get cold in Thailand, especially if you’re venturing to the northern regions of the country.

During the winter months, from November to February, temperatures in places like Chiang Mai and the mountainous areas can dip as low as 5°C (41°F) at night. This cooler weather provides a refreshing contrast to the typically hot and humid conditions, making it an ideal time for you to explore the great outdoors.

You might be surprised to find out that even in Bangkok, the bustling capital known for its steamy atmosphere, the temperatures in the cooler months can feel quite brisk in the early mornings and late evenings.

While you won’t need the heavy winter gear that you’d pack for a snowy destination, bringing along a light jacket or a cosy sweater is a smart move and one which I recommend.

Can you go skiing in Thailand?

Bad news again. Unfortunately, as it does not snow in Thailand, you will be unable to go skiing on real snow slopes, as there is no proper snowfall. Alternatively, you can go surfing! Did you know you can surf in Phuket? However, if you are really set on skiing in Thailand. There are some indoor ski slopes and ski resorts with fake snow, such as Ski365 in Bangkok’s Future Park Shopping Complex.

A picture of someone skiiing on fake snow in Thailand

Does it snow in Thailand: Conclusion

Well, there you have it. A complete guide to “Does it snow in Thailand?” Hopefully, we answered all of your questions despite there being no chance of snow in Thailand. It’s definitely a country worth visiting, especially in Winter when it’s the coldest temperatures (but not really cold, right?!) and best weather conditions. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore Thailand 🙂