Does Poland use Euros? Poland Currency

Poland has always been a popular country to visit but is becoming even more popular year on year.

The country has everything to offer, from cities with landmarks to historical sites, or from beautiful lakes and mountains to even lots of beaches. Literally everything.

But an important question which is often asked is “Does Poland use Euro?”. It’s important to ask this question so you know which currency is used in the country you are visiting.

Luckily for you, I’m a full-time traveller and I’ve spent a lot of time in Poland. So I’ve created this ultimate guide as to whether Poland uses the Euro or not.

So without further ado, let’s hop right into it.

Does Poland use Euro?

If you are looking for a quick answer, no, Poland does not use Euro.

The Euro is a common currency created by the European Union and is used by most of its members. Poland is one of only 7 exceptions.

There are 27 countries in the EU, and 20 of them use the Euro currency. Poland isn’t one of them.

It can be a bit annoying if you are visiting Poland from a country that uses Euros, as you will have to exchange some money instead of just using what you have. But on the flip side, using the currency in Poland is so cheap compared to the Euro. Which leads me onto…

The reason that Poland does not use the Euro is pretty much because its economy is not strong enough yet. To use the Euro, the original currency of the nation has to be strong enough and reach a certain exchange rate with the Euro, and Poland’s currency falls short.

That being said, one of the Polish government’s top priorities at the moment is working towards using the Euro and being accepted into the Eurozone, also known as the Euro Area. As of now though, there is no target date. But other examples like Croatia, show that it is possible to work towards being eligible to use the Euro.

But to circle back around to the original currency, “Does Poland use Euro?” – no, it doesn’t.

A picture of Neptune's Fountain in Gdansk in Poland. Does Poland use Euro? No.

What is Poland’s currency?

Since we now know that Poland does not use the Euro, it’s important to learn what currency Poland does use so you can have some money ready for visiting Poland.

The currency in Poland is Polish Zloty. In Poland, you will likely see an accent on the “l” and it will be written as Polski złoty (Polska is Poland in Polish).

This is because Polish is a Slavic language as Poland is in Eastern Europe, but it’s pronounced exactly how it looks. It’s written as PLN as there is no sign for it. For example, something that costs eight Zloty is 8 PLN.

The Zloty is a really cheap currency to use and means that you can get a lot more for your money in Poland than you likely can in your home country. For example, I had a meal in the Hard Rock Cafe in Gdansk which cost me 1/3 of the price it cost in Florida.

That’s one of the reasons Poland is so popular for Stag Dos – because the alcohol is so cheap.

I hate to describe a country as cheap without reiterating that you have to respect the local currency and understand that prices are relevant and even though your money will go further, don’t walk around and disrespect locals by acting like you’re a millionaire and higher and mightier than them.

But to summarise, the currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty.

A picture of a street in Gdansk. Does Poland use Euro? No, it uses Polish Zloty.

Polish Zloty conversion rates

To help you get a feel for yourself, here are the conversion rates of the Polish Zloty into the five of the most popular currencies in the world (as of 16 June 2023 when I’m writing this).

CurrencyPolish Zloty
£1 GBP5.21 PLN
$1 USD4.08 PLN
€1 EUR4.46 PLN
$1 CAD3.08 PLN
$1 AUD2.80 PLN

As you can see, you can get a lot for your money.

Where to get Polish Zloty

There are lots of places to get Złota Polska (Polska is Polish for Poland) a.k.a. Polish Zloty. In your home country, you can most likely get it from anywhere that exchanges currency.

In the UK for example, it could be a currency exchange shop, post office, travel agents, and some supermarkets like Tesco even have currency exchange stands.

In my opinion, though, it’s not necessary to get physical Polish Zloty. When I was in Poland, I always used my card, specifically Revolut. I always use Revolut because it means I don’t get charged extra fees for paying in a foreign currency.

Is it better to pay in cash or by card in Poland?

It depends on the situation, but there are few places that do not accept card as a payment method. Even in the shops, if something is only 2 or 3 PLN, you can still pay by card.

As I said above, I use Revolut to avoid paying currency exchange fees which my normal bank card would charge me.

The only time I paid in cash was when I took a free walking tour in Gdańsk. And once more when I visited a fresh fruit and vegetable market.

A picture of the fresh fruit market where I had to pay in cash.

Is Poland expensive to visit?

No, Poland is a very affordable country to visit. Things are a lot cheaper than in Western Europe. For example, I always got 3 fresh bread rolls from Zabka (my favourite supermarket in Poland) for less than the equivalent of £0.50.

At home in the UK, you’d be lucky to get one for £1. So I found Poland really affordable to visit.

But I suppose it depends on where you come from whether you classify Poland as expensive to visit or not, but from my perspective, which I am fully aware may be through rose-tinted glasses, Poland isn’t expensive to visit.

A picture of the bread rolls in Zabka where you can buy 3 for 2.37 PLN.
The bread rolls from Zabka.

Does Poland use Euro: FAQ

Below are some questions related to “Does Poland use Euro?” along with my answers.

Why does Poland not use Euro?

Poland does not use Euro as the conversion rate between the Zloty and the Euro isn’t strong enough. It has to be of a certain level before Poland can be welcomed into the Euro group which uses the currency.

Does Poland use Euro or Zloty?

Poland uses Zloty. The currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty, as the exchange rate between the Zloty and the Euro isn’t strong enough, so Poland are not eligible to use the Euro as their currency until that changes.

Why does Poland have its own currency?

Poland has its own currency, the Polish Zloty because the exchange rate between Polish Zloty and Euros isn’t strong enough. It needs to be of a certain level before Poland is eligible to have the Euro as its currency. But it’s worth noting that working towards the Euro is of top priority for Poland.

Does Poland use Euro: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide to “Does Poland use Euro?

Remember, the answer is no, Poland does not use the Euro.

Instead, the currency in Poland is Polish Zloty.

Enjoy your trip to Poland, it’s an incredible country to explore! 🙂