Freedom Traveller Hostel, Rome: 2024 Review & Tips For Staying

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You’re in the right place, as I spent 4 days in Rome as a solo traveller, and I stayed at the Freedom Traveller Hostel.

Before staying in any hostel, it’s important to read reviews to get an idea of what the hostel is like; whether it is worth staying in or not.

Luckily for you, I have written a full in-depth review of my stay at the hostel. As a full-time traveller, I know what makes or breaks a hostel and my review will tell you everything you need to know.

A picture of the reception of Freedom Traveller Hostel.

Don’t have time to read the full article? I 100% recommend staying at Freedom Traveller Hostel. The beds are good, the atmosphere is good and the location is superb!

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Freedom Traveller Hostel Review

Freedom Traveller Hostel is one of the highest-rated, yet affordable, options for hostels in Rome.

With an average rating of 7.6/10 on Hostelworld (the best site for booking hostels), it’s got a pretty good reputation.

There are lots of unique selling points for the hostel too, some of which seem too good to be true for the price. How can a โ‚ฌ15 a night hostel afford a free happy hour every night?

I’m not sure but somehow it happens. There are also game nights among other social events where you can meet new people. Not to mention the delicious free croissants at the continental breakfast.

When it comes to the rooms in the hostel, I stayed in a 6-bed mixed dorm room and I think the best way to describe it is as a typical hostel room.

It’s not too small but it’s not huge either. The room was made up of 2 bunk beds and 2 single beds. There are 6 lockers and a table and that’s it.

A picture of my room in Freedom Traveller Hostel.

But what more can you ask for from a hostel? It’s everything you need at the end of the day. The room was clean when I arrived and continued to be clean throughout my trip as it was cleaned daily. Sometimes a difference between a hostel and a hotel is cleanliness, but this isn’t the case for this hostel.

On each floor, there are 3 dorm rooms together which share 3 bathrooms. It’s worth noting that the toilet and shower are in the same bathroom. Again, the bathrooms were clean. Not the fanciest bathroom in the world, but it is a hostel. You’ve got the essential facilities and amenities, everything you need.

And unlike many hostels, the showers were warm! Which was great as I was visiting Rome in December so it wasn’t the warmest.

A picture of a bathroom in Freedom Traveller Hostel.

There’s also a sofa and a few chairs where you can sit outside the 3 dorm rooms. It’s a great way to meet people and a lot less intimidating than a huge common room. I made a really good friend who I met just by having a conversation on that sofa.

Unfortunately, I can’t personally comment on the private rooms as I stayed in a dorm, but I did hear good things from a few people staying in them during my time there.

The staff are also friendly and happy to have conversations and get to know you, which is always good when staying in a hostel. They also provide some very good tips for your time in Rome.

But one of the best things about staying in Freedom Traveller Hostel is the location. Located near Roma Termini, it’s in the perfect location. You are within walking distance of most of the main attractions, which is great for saving money if you are visiting Rome on a budget. It’s about 20 minute’s walk from the Colosseum for example.

A picture of the Colosseum at sunset.

All in all, as far as hostels go, this is one of the best options in Rome. Be sure to book Freedom Traveller Hostel if you are visiting Rome, I would recommend it to anyone. It’s a really good hostel.

Freedom Traveller Hostel Room Options

There are plenty of room options at Freedom Traveller Hostel. There are 3 different dorm options as well as 3 different private room options which are particularly convenient if you are staying with children, as you need to be 18 to stay in a dorm.

A picture of the room options showing 6 Bed Mixed Dorm, 4 Bed Female Dorm Ensuite, 4 Bed Mixed Dorm Ensuite, Standard Double Bed Private Ensuite, Twin Room Private Ensuite and 3 Bed Private Ensuite.

It’s always good to see a hostel offering different-sized dorms so you can choose which one is right for you. And also if you are female and prefer to have a female-only room, the option is available.

The dorms are really good value for money and the private rooms seem to be too. They look hotel-quality with hostel prices. The perfect combo.

Freedom Traveller Hostel: Tips For Your Stay

As with any hostel, there are some tips and tricks that are worth knowing to make the most of your stay. This is the same with Freedom Traveller Hostel, so here are 5 tips for your stay:

  1. The hostel can be quite hard to find. There is no sign or anything, it’s not like a huge hotel. If you put the hostel into Google Maps, it’s exactly where it says it is. You will find a metal gate, you need to press the button on the wall on the right for “Freedom Traveller Hostel” and the gate will unlock for you to open.
A picture of the metal gate at the entance to Freedom Traveller Hostel.
  1. Take advantage of the free breakfast. A free breakfast is a great way to save money on a meal. They serve delicious homemade croissants every morning and they are so good. I would go back to the hostel in a heartbeat for the croissants alone.
A picture of a nutella croissant from the free breakfasts.
  1. Bring a padlock if you are staying in a dorm. Each room has lockers, but you need to have your own padlock. You can purchase one at reception, but having your own is simpler and probably more cost-effective.
  2. There is a tourist tax in Rome. Rome has a tourist tax and for Freedom Traveller Hostel this is โ‚ฌ3.50 per night. This has to be paid in cash upon arrival. Unfortunately, there is no way around it and it will be the same anywhere in Rome.
  3. The beds and rooms book out in advance. Make sure to book your stay at Freedom Traveller Hostel well in advance as it sells out all the time. As Rome is such a popular destination, the hostel is booked up sometimes months in advance.

Is Freedom Traveller Hostel Safe?

Yes, Freedom Traveller Hostel is a safe hostel. The front door is closed at nighttime (you can buzz to get in, there’s no curfew), there is a metal gate you have to buzz to get in, and there is a 24-hour reception. You can’t get much safer than that.

Of course, it’s impossible to guarantee anyone’s safety anywhere in the world, but from my experience, Rome is a safe city. You likely won’t have any issues during your trip.

But naturally, when people ask if hostels are safe, the answer is that staying in a hostel is less safe than a hotel. You are sharing a room with strangers at the end of the day. This doesn’t mean it’s unsafe, it’s just less safe, but that’s obviously going to be the case.

Rest assured, Freedom Traveller Hostel is safe.

Are there lockers in Freedom Traveller Hostel?

Yes, there are lockers in every dorm room in the hostel. You do need to have your own lock though. Alternatively, you can loan one from reception but this is at a price. Generally, if you are a budget traveller, it’s best practice to always have a padlock for any hostel.

When it comes to luggage storage before check-in and after check-out, there is a shed out the back of the hostel where you can leave your bag in a baggage storage room. There aren’t lockers but you need a key to open the room and you have to get it from reception so your bags will be pretty safe anyway.

Is Freedom Traveller Hostel Clean?

This is probably the area where reviews for the hostel are most mixed. But in my opinion, Freedom Traveller Hostel is clean.

You have to remember that you are staying in a hostel. You get what you pay for kind of thing.

The hostel isn’t dirty in the sense of the rooms are unclean, or the bathrooms are mouldy. But there are some stains on the roof in the kitchen for example.

I don’t think this really affects the cleanliness whatsoever, so I think that yes, the hostel is clean. I had no issues during my stay at all.

Is Freedom Traveller Hostel In A Good Location?

Yes, it’s in a very good location. In fact, it’s in the area of Rome which I always recommend staying in: near Roma Termini, the central station.

The address of the hostel is: Via Gaeta, 23, 00185 Roma RM, Italy. You can also find it on Google Maps easily.

The central station is about a 3-minute walk away from the hostel, meaning it’s really easy to get to and from the airport, as the best way to get from Rome Fiumicino to central Rome is by train.

By staying near the Termini, you are also in an incredible location when it comes to sightseeing. You are within walking distance of all of Rome’s main sights. The Trevi Fountain is 20 minutes away, the Colosseum is 20 minutes away; everything is really close. Walking is the best way to get around Rome, so the hostel couldn’t be in a better location.

What Is The Atmosphere Like In Freedom Traveller Hostel?

The atmosphere in Freedom Traveller Hostel is a really positive one for meeting new people and making new friends.

Free drink happy hours along with games nights, free breakfasts and the sofa areas make it a really good hostel for socialising.

I made some really great friends during my stay at Freedom Traveller whom I sat for hours talking to outside the Colosseum at night. I would encourage anyone visiting Rome, particularly as a solo traveller, to stay at this hostel.

Is The Free Breakfast In Freedom Traveller Hostel Good?

Words can’t explain the deliciousness of the croissants offered at breakfast at Freedom Traveller Hostel.

Genuinely, some of the nicest croissants I have ever had. Arguably better than the ones I had in Paris!

It’s a really nice gesture to include a free breakfast with any booking, and you should definitely take advantage of it. The croissants are so tasty.

Freedom Traveller Hostel: Conclusion

And there you have it, a full in-depth review of Freedom Traveller Hostel along with tips for your stay.

If you are visiting Rome, it’s definitely one of the best hostels in the city. It’s over 40 years old and it’s been tried and tested.

It’s a typical hostel with everything you need in a great location with a good atmosphere for meeting new people.

Visiting Rome? Book your stay at the Freedom Traveller Hostel!