Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk: 2024 Restaurant Review & Tips

The Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk offers one of the best dining experiences in the city.

Hard Rock Cafes are famous all around the world and are enjoyed every single day in 74 countries!

Whether it’s for the tasty food or the iconic t-shirts, a trip to Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk needs to be on anyone’s Gdańsk itinerary…not to mention how affordable it is too!

During the time I spent in Gdańsk, I had a few meals at the restaurant, and I’m here to provide a comprehensive review, along with some tips for your meal.

So let’s get right into it before my mouth waters any more!

Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk Review

I’ve eaten in Hard Rock Cafes in 5 different countries now – quite a lot for someone who travels on a budget I’d say – and the Gdańsk restaurant is up there as one of the best.

The food was as great as always, if you have eaten in a Hard Rock Cafe before, you will know how high the standard is. And rest assured, it’s the same in Gdańsk.

But what really stands out to me about Hard Rock Cafes, and especially this particular restaurant, is the service. The servers are so helpful, so attentive, and so friendly. English is also spoken really well amongst the servers. The staff can really make or break a meal in my opinion. And the staff here are amazing.

So, good food, good service. What’s missing? Oh yes- atmosphere. It wouldn’t be a Hard Rock Cafe without some rock music playing and lots of rock antiques and collectables. Once again, Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk is up there as one of the best. The atmosphere is the perfect balance of being at a rock concert and chilling out for a nice meal.

A picture of the building of the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk

If you’re interested in buying some merchandise, then the Hard Rock Shop is on-site too. For those who visit many of the Hard Rock Cafes, I’m sure nothing beats adding a new t-shirt to your collection. What I will say though is that the prices are pretty in-line with the rest of Europe, so don’t be expecting to snap up some clothes for really cheaply.

But on that note, one of the biggest selling points and why I would encourage anyone visiting Gdańsk to have at least one meal at the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk is how affordable it is. As the currency in Poland is Zloty, not Euros, things are pretty cheap.

I’m pretty consistent in my food choices, so I have had the same meal in Florida, Dublin, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Athens and Gdańsk. In Gdańsk, it was around 1/3 of the price I paid in Florida. It’s unbelievably affordable, and such good value for money for the quality of food and service. Not to mention how dining in a Hard Rock Cafe is simply an experience in itself.

A picture of my meal (chicken and chips) in the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk
My very basic but delicious “go to” meal.

The restaurant is also in a really really good location, right on Dluga Street, the main street in Gdańsk. It’s right in the heart of all the popular tourist spots, so it’s really easy to get to too. And then at the restaurant, there are seats outside where you can enjoy gorgeous views up and down the iconic street.

But all in all, I can’t recommend the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk enough. It’s a 10 out of 10 for me, and the opportunity to eat in such a famous restaurant so cheaply is an opportunity not to be missed in my opinion.

Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk: Menu Options

As always with Hard Rock Cafes, there are plenty of menu options.

There’s something for everyone and they are so good at catering for dietary needs and requirements too.

I actually tried something new in Gdańsk too- the Messi Burger. I assume it’s a worldwide promotion, or at least where football/soccer is popular, but it was delicious and a genius marketing strategy on their part.

A picture of the menu on a page for the Messi Burger

The cocktail and drinks menu is also as plentiful as you can imagine, and the prices are so affordable yet again.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll spend half your time in the restaurant just flicking through the menu to see what’s on offer…and there is a lot on offer.

As I said, there is something for everyone.

Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk: Tips

If you are visiting the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk, you might be interested in hearing some tips I have to make an already great experience, even more amazing! So here are 5 tips for visiting the restaurant:

  1. Eat earlier than the locals: In Poland, most people will eat dinner in the late evening, usually after 6 pm. If you can eat earlier than this, the restaurant won’t be as crowded, so it makes for a more pleasant experience.
  2. Sit inside and outside: If you are having more than one meal at the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk, vary where you sit. Sitting inside is great for the music and atmosphere, but sitting outside offers a different vibe as you are on the bustling street with nice views.
  3. Don’t rush: A meal at the Hard Rock Cafe is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t rush and savour your food and your meal, and enjoy your company. It’s an experience, not just a meal.
  4. You can make a reservation: If you want to make a reservation, you can. It’s easy to make a reservation through the Hard Rock website, and you don’t normally need to do it ages in advance. Don’t worry though, if you don’t make a reservation and there’s a queue- it normally moves very quickly and you won’t be waiting for too long.
  5. Ask the staff questions: If you read reviews of the restaurant, everyone mentions how friendly the staff are about giving tips and tricks for visiting Gdańsk as a tourist. So make use of this and ask the staff any questions you might have about your trip.
A picture of me sitting at a table at the Hard Rock Restaurant in Gdansk.

Is Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk Expensive?

No, the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk isn’t expensive at all.

In fact, it’s actually very affordable. Which isn’t something I’ve ever said about Hard Rock before.

My meal (chicken goujons and chips) which I have had in Florida and Gdańsk cost a third of the price in Gdańsk as it did in Poland.

Being in Eastern Europe, Poland is pretty cheap to visit anyway, so it makes sense that the restaurant prices are scaled accordingly.

Me and my girlfriend had a meal and a drink each and it cost us what it would cost for one person’s meal in other parts of the world.

Bonus Top Tip: Use Revolut when paying in a different currency like in Poland, as it doesn’t charge you currency exchange fees as most banks do.

A screenshot from Revolut showing the cost of my meal from the HRC being 108.80 zloty, but it has been converted to £21.09

Is Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk Vegetarian Friendly?

Yes, there are lots of vegetarian options on the menu at Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk. Even though most meals do include meat, there are still a lot of options. They are clearly marked on the menu what is suitable for a vegetarian, and if you need any further help, the staff are more than happy to find something which is suitable for you to have.

Is Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk Vegan Friendly?

To be honest, looking at the menu, there didn’t appear to be a lot of Vegan options. There were definitely some, but I wouldn’t say you would be spoilt for choice. I’m not a vegan personally so I’m not sure if there is a separate vegan menu if you ask for it. Most reviews back up what I say in that there are things that are vegan, but there aren’t a lot of options.

Again though, the staff are really helpful so I’m sure you could mix and match meals to make it vegan if there isn’t something which particularly stands out to you.

Is Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk Good With Allergies?

Yes, the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk is incredible with allergies. I have to say, this is the case across all Hard Rocks- it’s somewhere they really excel.

As someone with a few severe allergies (nuts and sesame mainly) and a girlfriend with an egg, I know how hard it can be sometimes to get restaurants to take allergies safely, but this isn’t the case here.

The staff are so good. When we sat down, they asked us if we had any allergies, and when we said yes, straight away the manager came over with the menu listed one by one with every single ingredient in every dish. It’s impressive how careful they are- even if it should be standard protocol.

But yes, they are very good with allergies and take them seriously, and are happy to help you find a meal that works for you.

Final Thoughts: Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk

And there you have it, a complete and honest review of the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk.

It’s genuinely one of the nicest restaurants I’ve eaten in and I can’t recommend it enough.

The value for money is insane and anyone visiting Gdańsk should try to have at least one meal here.

Enjoy your time in the city, but most importantly, enjoy your meal at the Hard Rock Cafe Gdańsk!