How Many Days In Copenhagen Is Enough In 2024?

Wondering how many days to spend in Copenhagen?

You’re in the right place as I’ve visited Copenhagen multiple times for different amounts of time, so I have a good grasp of how many days you need in the city.

Choosing to visit Copenhagen is one of the best decisions you can make. You’re guaranteed to have a great trip. The city is one of my favourites in the world.

But how many days in Copenhagen are enough?

This is a question that not only applies to Copenhagen but pretty much anywhere in the world. How long? As a full-time traveller, I feel like I have gained the ability to be able to judge this question pretty well.

After taking a trip to the Capital of Denmark, I feel confident to be able to answer how many days in Copenhagen are enough.

So let’s get right into it!

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How Many Days In Copenhagen Is Enough?

The first time I visited Denmark, I spent three days in Copenhagen and I would say that 3 days is the perfect amount of time.

So I would say that 3 days is a good amount of time to spend in Copenhagen. That being said, there is no definitive answer to the question of how many days are enough.

Everyone has different preferences on how many things to do in one day, how much time to relax, etc. etc. This is the same for anywhere in the world, not just Copenhagen.

It’s definitely possible to see Copenhagen in two days, you can even do Copenhagen in a day, but in order to get a good flavour of Copenhagen, see all the main attractions and have some spare time to relax or explore the city, you need at least 3 days.

A photo of me standing at Nyhavn in Copenhagen during my 3 day trip. 3 days is the answer to "How many days in Copenhagen is enough?"

During my 3 days in Copenhagen, I managed to see all the main attractions (some of them more than once) and had plenty of spare time to live like a local, which is a very chilled and relaxed lifestyle.

Copenhagen is one of the happiest cities in the world, as well as being the safest city, so rest assured that Copenhagen is safe to visit.

Of course, you can spend more time in Copenhagen and still have a great trip. There are so many hidden gems in Copenhagen that there are never too many days in Copenhagen, just more than enough.

Personally, I love Copenhagen, so I could spend a lifetime in the city. I can see myself living there in the future for sure.

What To See In Copenhagen

There are a lot of things to see when visiting Copenhagen. To give you an idea of how many things there are to see, here is a list of the top 10 things to see in Copenhagen. Perhaps this can help you judge how many days in Copenhagen are enough for you; everyone is different.

1) Nyhavn Coloured Houses: Nyhavn is the most popular attraction in Copenhagen. If you search for “Copenhagen”, the houses at Nyhavn are what come up. They are beautiful to look at and a must-see during a trip to Copenhagen, regardless of how many days you spend there.

A picture taken from the canal of Nyhavn.

2) The Little Mermaid: An iconic monument of Copenhagen, the Little Mermaid statue is a big attraction in Copenhagen. It’s over 100 years old and stands along the canal in Copenhagen, it’s also a lovely area with nice walks nearby.

3) Copenhagen Opera House: The Copenhagen Opera House has pretty unique architecture and is another must-see in Copenhagen. It’s not quite as famous as the Sydney Opera House, but it’s still a very impressive building and cool to look at.

4) Christiansborg Palace: Christiansborg Palace was the first main attraction I saw in Copenhagen and it’s outstanding. It’s very beautiful and extremely big, much taller than I expected from seeing it in photos. Once again, the area around Christiansborg is very pretty. There are lots of impressive buildings nearby, which leads nicely onto number 5…

A picture of Christiansborg Palace.

5) Børsen: Børsen is nearby Christiansborg and is a unique building in Copenhagen and one of the oldest in the city. It’s known as the old Stock Exchange, in the heart of Copenhagen. Børsen’s green rooftops contrasting with the red brickwork make it one of the most attractive buildings in the city.

6) Rosenborg Castle: Another must-see in Copenhagen is the Rosenborg Castle. It’s a thing of beauty and one of the most majestic castles in the world, and of course, one of the properties of the Danish royal family. The gardens surrounding the castle are also filled with some nice statues and a stroll around the garden makes for a nice walk.

7) Windmill at Kastellet: As I said before, the area around The Little Mermaid is very nice, and it’s home to a windmill. It’s pretty cool to look at and makes for a good photo. Again, as I said before, the area makes for nice walks and it’s very popular amongst Copenhageners for jogging.

A picture of the windmill near the Little Mermaid statue.

8) Copenhagen City Hall: One of the many spires in Copenhagen’s skyline is the Radhus, translated to City Hall. Copenhagen is known as “The City of Spires” and it’s clear to see why. There are so many beautiful spires and Copenhagen City Hall is one of the best.

9) Frederiksberg Palace: Next to Copenhagen Zoo on the outskirts of Copenhagen is Frederiksberg Palace. The yellow building is unique in colour but an incredible thing to see in Copenhagen.

10) Amelianborg: Amelianborg is the Queen of Denmark’s winter residence and it’s absolutely stunning. The light colours of white and teal create a quality and rich finish and a wealthy vibe. It’s very different from other buildings in Copenhagen, and definitely one worth checking out.

A picture of Amelianborg.

Things To Do In Copenhagen

There is also an abundance of things to do in Copenhagen, all of which make Copenhagen worth visiting. Once again, I will provide a list of 10 of the best things to do in Copenhagen, so you can decide how many days in Copenhagen are enough for you personally.

1) Take a canal tour: The most popular and also one of the best things to do in Copenhagen is to take a canal tour. The canals run through the heart of Copenhagen and will allow you to see many of the major tourist attractions from the water. Canal tours offer a unique perspective on Copenhagen and are definitely worth doing. Save yourself the hassle of finding one when you’re in the city and book your canal tour in advance.

2) Have fun at Tivoli Gardens: Tivoli Gardens are Copenhagen’s main attraction. Tivoli is known across the world and there is so much to do there. From the abundance of amazing rides to the wide variety of delicious places to eat, you could easily spend a whole day in Tivoli Gardens alone. Not to mention it’s the world’s oldest amusement park. The queues can get pretty long outside Tivoli so it’s best to book your tickets online.

3) Visit Copenhagen Zoo: Copenhagen Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. It was at Copenhagen Zoo that I got to see pandas for the first time. They have 2 and they’re so cute! There are also polar bears, rhinos, hippos, leopards and other animals that aren’t in the majority of zoos. My Copenhagen Zoo Review along with hundreds of others list it as a must-do.

A picture of a panda at Copenhagen Zoo. As 3 days allows you enough time to do some less popular things, I spent some time at Copenhagen zoo.

4) See the view from The Round Tower: There are many opportunities to get a beautiful bird’s eye view over Copenhagen and The Round Tower offers one of the best. As I said before, Copenhagen is known as “The City of Spires” and when you look over the city, you can really understand why. The view is extraordinary.

5) Take a bike tour: Copenhagen is one of the world’s most cycling-friendly cities and it’s a great way to see the city for this reason. It’s how all the locals get around Copenhagen so you will get an authentic experience of the city. A bike tour will allow you to cover a lot more ground than a walking tour, so you can get to see most, if not all, of the main sights. Book a bike tour now.

6) See the Crown Jewels at Rosenborg Castle: Rosenborg Castle was one of the main sights to see in Copenhagen as the outside is beautiful, but the inside is filled with museums and exhibitions. You can also see the Coronation Thrones and the Crown Jewels. It’s definitely worth visiting during a trip to Copenhagen.

A picture of the crowns at Rosenborg Castle.

7) See the view from Christiansborg Tower: You can go to the top of the tower of Christiansborg Palace to get another amazing view over the city. It’s also free to enter, which is great as visiting Denmark is expensive, so finding free things to do is always good.

8) Explore Freetown Christiania: Freetown Christiania is a hippie neighbourhood in Copenhagen where, in essence, laws don’t apply. It’s a fascinating place to spend an hour walking around. But please be aware that people do live there, and they don’t appreciate photos being taken at every opportunity. But yes, people smoke here, and a small part is a green light district.

9) Take a tour of Carlsberg Brewery: Carlsberg is a beer famous all around the world and drank by millions upon millions of people. It originates in Copenhagen and you can take a tour of the factory. The factory was closed to the public since 2018 and has just reopened with new refurbishments so it’s definitely worth checking out!

10) Enjoy some Danish pastries: Denmark is known for its pastries and they do not disappoint. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of bakeries across Copenhagen and they all produce mouth-wateringly delicious pastries. My favourite bakery was Lagkagehuset and there is a number across the city.

A cinammon swirl and hot chocolate from Lagkagehuset, the best bakeries in Copenhagen.

How To Spend 3 Days In Copenhagen

The answer to “How many days in Copenhagen is enough?” is 3 days, so you will want to know how best to spend 3 days in Copenhagen. Without giving you a full 3 day Copenhagen itinerary, here is a quick overview of how I spent my 3 days in Copenhagen.

Day 1: Copenhagen Zoo and Frederiksberg Palace, Christiansborg Palace, Nyhavn and Canal Tour.

I began my trip to Copenhagen by visiting the zoo, it’s pretty out of the way so I headed there early in the morning for it opening at 10 am. While I was on the outskirts of Copenhagen, I also visited Frederiksberg Palace, as it is directly beside the zoo.

Then I headed back to Central Copenhagen and visited Christiansborg Palace and also went up the tower to get a nice view of the city.

During your first day in Copenhagen, you’re also going to want to visit the most popular sight which is Nyhavn. It’s very pretty to look at, and it’s also where most canal tours begin and end so it’s worth doing a canal tour here too. It will include seeing the Opera House so it’s also included in Day 1.

A canal tour boat in the canal in front of the houses in Nyhavn.

Day 2: Bike Tour, Rosenborg Castle, The Round Tower and Tivoli Gardens.

I began my second day by taking a bike tour around Copenhagen. This visits most of the main sights including the Little Mermaid, so this is included in Day 2 too.

Then I visited Rosenborg Castle and walked around the museums. Top Tip: Most of the tourist attractions are included in the Copenhagen Card, so you are able to get into them for free. I really recommend the Copenhagen Card, I wrote a full review if you want more info.

Before heading to Tivoli Gardens in the evening, to see it lit up, I walked up The Round Tower and got another beautiful view overlooking Copenhagen. It’s one of the nicest skylines I have seen in any city, it’s much different seeing spires than the skyscrapers you see in the likes of London.

The top of the Round Tower, showing the entrance/exit, viewing platform and the view in the distance.

Day 3: Amelianborg, National Museum, Carlsberg Brewery.

Begin your final day in Copenhagen with a tour of Amelianborg, the outside is beautiful and the inside is equally as much. It’s a great start to the last of the 3 days.

Then I headed to the National Museum to learn a bit about Danish and Scandinavian history- it was very enlightening and a worthwhile experience.

My last attraction in Copenhagen was the Carlsberg Brewery. As you can see, throughout my 3 days I did some attractions that others may not consider essential. This is why I said that it is possible to see the main sights in two days or even one day in Copenhagen.

A random square in Copenhagen with a cafe to the left.

Where To Stay In Copenhagen

The best part of Copenhagen to stay in is near Copenhagen Central Station. Not only will you be next to the station and have easy transport access to and from the airport, but you are right next to most of the main attractions in Copenhagen. It’s slap bang in the city centre.

Everything in Copenhagen is within walking distance, more or less. If you stay in the area near København H (Copenhagen Central Station), you are 5 minutes away from Tivoli Gardens, 15 from Christiansborg and 25 minutes walk from Rosenborg. Just to name a few examples. If walking isn’t your thing or it’s not a viable option for you, the public transport is excellent in Copenhagen.

One of the best hotels is Zoku Copenhagen. It’s rated 9.1/10 on Booking and is in the perfect location in Copenhagen. Zoku is also relatively affordable compared to other hotels in Copenhagen, which is a very expensive city. You can’t go wrong with booking a stay at Zoku Copenhagen, I would recommend it.

If you are visiting Copenhagen on a budget or you are a solo traveller, I recommend staying in Next House Copenhagen. It’s the fanciest hostel I have ever stayed in, with personal pods, a football pitch and 5 bars. As I said, everything is within walking distance so it’s a great spot to stay in to save money on transport. I loved it so much that I wrote a full Next House Copenhagen review.

➡️ Best hotel in Copenhagen: Zoku Copenhagen
➡️ Best budget-friendly hostel in Copenhagen: Next House Copenhagen

Day Trips From Copenhagen

If you spend more than 3 days in Copenhagen, you may wish to take a day trip somewhere else. Luckily, there are lots of great options for day trips from Copenhagen, you can even visit 2 new countries. The three options are Malmö, Hamburg, and Møns Klint.


Malmö is a Swedish city located just a short train journey away from Copenhagen. It’s the most popular day trip and takes you from Denmark to Sweden. The train lasts about 40 minutes and is a very scenic ride. If you spend more time in Copenhagen, it’s definitely worth taking a day to visit Malmö.

A drone shot of Malmo.


One of the most popular cities to visit in Germany is Hamburg, and it’s very high up north, making it reachable in about 4 and a half hours by train from Copenhagen. It’ll be a long day with 9 hours of travel, but if you start early and end late, you can get a good 6 or 7 hours to explore Hamburg. It’s a beautiful city! I’ve personally visited Hamburg and I can assure you that Hamburg is worth visiting.

A picture of the Rathaus in Hamburg.

Møns Klint

A third option for a day trip from Copenhagen is Møns Klint, which is where you will find beautiful white cliffs on the coast of Denmark. The train only takes about 90 minutes, so it’s very easy to reach Møns Klint from Copenhagen. The sights are beautiful and it’s a very relaxing place to visit.

The white cliffs of Møns Klint. If you choose to spend more than 3 days (the answer to how many days in Copenhagen is enough) you may wish to take a day trip to Møns Klint

A fourth bonus option is Billund, where you can go to Legoland from Copenhagen. The original Legoland that is, and the birthplace of Lego.

How Many Days In Copenhagen: FAQ

Below are a few related questions to “How many days in Copenhagen is enough?” along with my answers.

Is 2 days enough in Copenhagen?

Yes, 2 days would be enough time to see the main sights in Copenhagen. However, your days will be jam-packed and you won’t have much time to relax or explore the city freely.

Is 3 days enough for Copenhagen?

Yes, 3 days is the perfect amount of time to visit Copenhagen. It allows you to see the main sights but also have some time to relax and explore the city for yourself.

Is 4 days enough for Copenhagen?

4 days is more than enough for Copenhagen. With 4 days you can see the main attractions, explore the city for yourself, and even have enough time to take a day trip to Malmö in Sweden, a city only 40 minutes away from Copenhagen by train.

How many days do I need in Copenhagen to see everything?

You will never see “everything” in Copenhagen, there are simply endless hidden gems. To see the main attractions and most popular tourist sights, you need 2-3 days to see them. It’s possible to see them all in one day, but it will be very fast and non-stop.

How Many Days In Copenhagen: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide to “How many days in Copenhagen are enough?”

The answer is that 3 days is the perfect amount of time to see all of the main attractions as well as allow for some free time to relax or freely explore the city.

Regardless of how long you spend in Copenhagen, whether it’s one day or one month, you are guaranteed to have a great trip and a wonderful stay in the Danish capital.

Now that you know how long to spend in the city, it’s time to work out how much money you need to bring. I created a Copenhagen budget calculator where you can get a rough estimate.

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