Is Australia in Asia? Where is Australia?

The answer to “Is Australia in Asia?” is no.

Australia isn’t in Asia – but where is it in reality?

Is a well-known nation in the world but many people don’t know exactly where Australia is.

Fortunately for you, I have the answer and I am also going to provide you with further details about Australia’s location and geography.

So, is Australia in Asia?

The short answer is no, Australia is not in Asia.

Asia is a large continent made up of 48 countries including Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan and more. Australia is not one of the countries.

The confusion may stem from “Australia” and “Asia” having similar letters with lots of A’s and an S too.

The confusion may also come from the phrase “Australiasia” which refers to the region of Oceania which is closest to Asia.

In fact, Australia is 7,400 kilometres away from mainland Asia.

Despite the similarities, and Australians loving to travel to Asia (Bali is becoming increasingly popular), is Australia in Asia? No.

It is pretty close though, the Philippines and Malaysia are only a few hours’ flight away. The islands at the bottom of Asia are close indeed!

A picture of a world map highlighting Asia and Australia. Is Australia in Asia? No

Where is Australia?

It’s important to understand Australia’s actual location now that we are aware that Australia is not in Asia.

Australia is in Oceania, one of the seven continents.

Oceania consists of only 14 nations, and Australia is by far the largest of them all, which is one reason why Australia is famous.

Australia experiences seasons differently from most other nations because it is entirely in the southern hemisphere, the bottom half of the Earth. Christmas, for instance, falls during the summer, and it snows in Australia in June and July!

A map of Australia from a side angle.

Where is Oceania?

Now that we know it is wrong to say Australia is in Asia, as it is in Oceania, the next step is to learn where Oceania is.

Oceania has the smallest land area of the seven continents.

New Zealand and Australia are the two largest nations. Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Tonga are a few more. Islands make up the majority of Oceania.

Oceania is only 6,400 kilometres north of Antarctica and is typically located at the bottom of maps and globes. Australia is therefore closer to Antarctica than Australia is to mainland Asia.

A map of Oceania with a compass sitting in front.

Where is Asia?

Knowing that Australia is not a part of Asia, you wish to learn where Asia is on a map.

Asia is East of Europe and north of Oceania. It is the largest continent by population with nearly 5 billion people living in Asia!

Asia includes countries like China, India, Japan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Not to mention the countries in South East Asia which are very popular for backpacking, known as the Banana Pancake Trail.

A picture of a globe focusing on the continent of Asia. Australia is not in Asia.

Australian Geography Facts

You might be curious to learn more about Australia’s geography now that you understand where Australia, Oceania, and Asia are located. As a result, I compiled a list of 5 facts about Australia’s geography.

1. The capital is Canberra

Knowing about this one is significant and helpful. Many people mistakenly think Sydney or Melbourne is Australia’s capital when in fact it is Canberra. Knowing this, for sure is helpful, it might be useful anytime you do a quiz or questionnaire, or it’s just beneficial to learn something new! Australian Capital Territory, where Canberra is located, is a separate state. This nicely transitions me to my next point.

2. Australia has states

Yep! Australia has states, just like the US, Canada, and many other nations. There are 2 territories and 6 states. New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and Tasmania make up the six states. The Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory are the two territories.

3. Over 25 million people live in Australia

Australia has a population of 25.89 million as of March 2022. Australia now has the 53rd-largest population in the world as a result. Positioned between the Ivory Coast and North Korea. Or, less than 1% of all people on Earth!

4. Almost everyone lives on the east coast

Australia’s outback, which makes up more than 70% of the country, is uninhabitable. Most of Western Australia is made up of the Outback. As a result, the majority of individuals prefer to live on the east coast. Along with roads like the Great Ocean Drive and reefs like the Great Barrier Reef, this area is home to cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

5. 80% of Australia’s animals are indigenous and unique

Everyone is familiar with kangaroos and koalas, but there are many other animals that are only found in Australia, like the wombat, emu, and platypus. Australia is home to numerous unique animals. It is incredible to witness these animals in person, and learning about them is so intriguing.

A globe focused on Australia.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to “Is Australia in Asia?” along with their answers.

Is Australia in Asia or Oceania?

Australia is in Oceania. Australia is the largest country in Oceania. It is over 6,400 kilometres away from Asia.

How is Australia and Asia connected?

Australia and Asia are pretty close together, globally speaking. As such, Australians enjoy vacations to Asia, particularly Bali, which is very popular with the Aussies.

Why is Australia not in Asia?

Asia is a continent and continents are determined by geographical location. As Australia is not geographically in Asia, it lies in Oceania. Which is the continent that Australia belongs to.

What is Australasia?

Australasia is an unofficial term used to describe the region of Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and other islands. This term may contribute to the confusion that Australia is in Asia.

Is Australia in Asia or Europe?

Neither. Australia is in Oceania. There seem to be many people who also ask “Is Australia in Europe?” Similarly, the answer is no. Australia is not in Asia nor Europe.

A picture of the Australian flag.


Is Australia in Asia? No.

It is in Oceania which is in the southern hemisphere. It is the largest country in Oceania and the 53rd largest country in the world.

Despite being pretty close to the islands at the bottom of Asia, Australia is not in Asia.

Continents are determined by geographical location, as such, Australia never has been and never will be in Asia. Asia is in Oceania.

This means the answer to “Is Australia in Europe?” is also no.