Is Copenhagen Worth Visiting In 2024? Things To Do & Reasons To Visit

Wondering whether or not Copenhagen is worth visiting?

Then you’ve come to the right article as I’ve written a complete and in-depth guide to whether it’s worth visiting Copenhagen.

Before visiting a country, I always do some research into whether it’s worth visiting. And by landing on this article, it’s likely you do too! No one wants to visit somewhere that doesn’t live up to expectations, right/

Is Copenhagen worth visiting?

This is a question I asked before my trip to the Danish capital. After spending 3 days in Copenhagen, I feel confident to answer the question of whether Copenhagen is worth visiting or not.

Is Copenhagen Worth Visiting? YES!

In my opinion, Copenhagen is definitely worth visiting. 100%. It’s such a unique city and so different from the rest of Europe.

I visited Copenhagen as a solo traveller, but I saw many families, couples and friend groups too. Copenhagen is a great place to visit for anyone!

A huge plus is that flights are usually quite cheap too. From Europe anyway. I got return flights from Dublin to Copenhagen for €30, which is an absolute steal! Flights costing 10x that to Copenhagen would still be worth paying.

A picture of the entrance to Tivoli Gardens. It's one of the most popular things to do in Copenhagen, and a reason the answer is yes to "Is Copenhagen worth visiting?"

There are so many unique selling points for Copenhagen, but one of the best is how safe Copenhagen is. As per The Economist’s 2021 report, Copenhagen is the safest city in the world. Yes, the whole world.

The vibe in Copenhagen is so relaxed and easygoing. You get a real sense of relaxation and safety in Copenhagen, the people are so chilled out and nothing bothers them. Copenhageners know how to live life.

Copenhagen is also home to some incredible restaurants and hotels. Not to mention how many great things there are to do in Copenhagen. Whether you stay for one day or one month, you’ll always find more things to do in Copenhagen.

10 Best Things To Do In Copenhagen

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That being said, you may wish to find out what there is to do in Copenhagen before making your own mind up as to whether is it worth visiting. So without further ado, here are 10 of the best things you can do on a trip to Copenhagen.

1) Take a canal tour: The canals in Copenhagen run right through the city, and there’s no better way to see Copenhagen’s main landmarks than by taking a canal tour. The unique perspective of the city along with the peaceful boat journey makes a canal tour a top thing to do in Copenhagen.

2) Visit Nyhavn: When you search for images of Copenhagen, Nyhavn is what comes up. Nyhavn is the coloured houses in Copenhagen along with the canal in front. It’s beautiful and picturesque in photos, and in real life, it is simply stunning. You have to see it during a trip to Copenhagen, some would say Copenhagen is worth visiting for Nyhavn alone.

A picture of Nyhavn. Nyhavn is beautiful and I would say yes to "Is Copenhagen worth visiting" just to see Nyhavn.

3) See the parliament, Christiansborg Palace: Christiansborg Palace is one of the most iconic buildings in Copenhagen and it’s definitely something you need to do during a trip. You can also go to the top of the tower (for free) and get a beautiful, birdseye view over Copenhagen.

4) Pose with The Little Mermaid: The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark. It’s a statue of a mermaid along the canal and you can get right down to it as it is on the shorefront. To be honest, I found it a little underwhelming, but cool to see nonetheless.

5) Feel like a Royal at Rosenborg Castle: One of the most beautiful buildings in Copenhagen is Rosenborg Castle and inside are incredible museums. You can see the thrones of the King and Queen of Denmark and also the Crown Jewels. It’s definitely a must-do.

6) Walk to the top of the Round Tower: The Round Tower also offers an indescribable panoramic view of Copenhagen. The view from the top allows you to see right over the city and beyond. And it’s also included in the Copenhagen Card, so you can go up for free.

A picture of the view from the top of the Round Tower. It makes Copenhagen worth visiting for this view alone.

7) Have fun at Tivoli Gardens: Tivoli Gardens, the third oldest operating theme park in the world is guaranteed to be a fun day out in Copenhagen. There are so many exciting rides and amusements, as well as endless places to eat. Make sure to buy your Tivoli Gardens Tickets in advance to save waiting in a huge queue to get in.

8) See the animals at Copenhagen Zoo: In my opinion, Copenhagen Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. I got to see pandas and polar bears for the first time. It’s such a good day out! I’d recommend Copenhagen Zoo to anyone, without a doubt.

9) Learn a bit of history at the National Museum of Denmark: Filled with Danish and Scandinavian history, stepping back into the days of the Vikings is a must-do when visiting Copenhagen. I’m not a huge fan of museums but I still really enjoyed checking out the National Museum of Denmark.

10) Take a tour of Amalienborg: The Queen of Denmark’s winter residence is great to look at, but you can also take a tour of the building which is a worthwhile experience. Witnessing the changing of the guards, as with any royal landmark in Copenhagen, is unbelievable.

A picture of Amalienborg.

What Is Copenhagen Known For?

Copenhagen is famous for being the capital of Denmark and one of the main cities in Scandinavia.

Copenhagen is also known as one of the happiest cities in the world, as well as the number one safest city in the world.

The superlatives for Copenhagen continue, you may also have heard before that Copenhagen is one of the most cycling-friendly cities, even ahead of Amsterdam. It ranks as the 4th most bike-friendly city in the world.

The nickname for Copenhagen, “The City of Spires” could not be more true, as a view over Copenhagen from the Round Tower or Christiansborg Tower show how many spires there are in the city’s skyline. Copenhagen’s medieval and Renaissance architecture is second to none.

And of course, it would be impossible to mention Copenhagen without mentioning Tivoli Gardens or Nyhavn, two of the most popular things to do.

An alternative view from the Round Tower, showing lots of spirals which is why Copenhagen is known as "The City of Spires"
A picture of Børsen

Best Time To Visit Copenhagen

In my opinion, Copenhagen is a great place to visit any time of the year, with different times having different benefits. That being said, I would recommend different months.

If you want to experience Copenhagen in okay weather, try to go in the spring. The weather will be beginning to get warm, but you will avoid the crowds of the summer months.

If you want to experience Copenhagen in winter weather with the chance of snow and enjoy the festivities of Christmas, visit in December. Tivoli Gardens in December is one of the best sights in Copenhagen, and you will create memories to last a lifetime.

Personally, I love visiting countries in Scandinavia in winter. I think it’s the best time to visit because when you think of countries like Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Denmark, of course, you think of cold weather.

But as I said, you can visit Copenhagen all year round and have a great trip. I first visited Copenhagen in January, but I loved it so much I’m heading back there in December for my second time in Copenhagen in one year.

A wall in Copenhagen Airport which says "Welcome to Copenhagen"

Where To Stay In Copenhagen

The best part of Copenhagen to stay in is near Copenhagen Central Station. Not only will you be next to the station and have easy transport access to and from the airport, but you are right next to most of the main attractions in Copenhagen.

Everything in Copenhagen is within walking distance, more or less. If you stay in the area near København H (Danish for Copenhagen, so it’s Copenhagen Central Station), you are 5 minutes away from Tivoli Gardens, 15 from Christiansborg and 25 minutes walk from Rosenborg. Just to name a few examples.

One of the best hotels is Zoku Copenhagen. It’s rated 9.1/10 on Booking and is in the perfect location in Copenhagen. Zoku is also relatively affordable compared to other hotels in Copenhagen, which is a very expensive city. You can’t go wrong with booking a stay at Zoku Copenhagen, I would recommend it.

If you are visiting Copenhagen on a budget or you are a solo traveller, I recommend staying in Next House Copenhagen. It’s the fanciest hostel I have ever stayed in, with personal pods, a football pitch and 5 bars. As I said, everything is within walking distance so it’s a great spot to stay in to save money on transport.

➡️ Best hotel in Copenhagen: Zoku Copenhagen
➡️ Best budget-friendly hostel in Copenhagen: Next House Copenhagen

How To Get Around Copenhagen

The best way to get around Copenhagen is by walking or cycling. Most of the main attractions and tourist sights in Copenhagen are within walking distance of each other.

Cycling will allow you to experience Copenhagen as a local, as it is the most common way to get around. Copenhagen is incredibly cycling-friendly, with bike lanes on every road.

Taking a bike tour in Copenhagen is also a great thing to do as part of your trip!

A picture of some bikes in Copenhagen.

You can choose to take public transport, which is included in the Copenhagen Card, but I personally prefer to walk or cycle as it allows me to see parts of Copenhagen I may have otherwise missed.

To get to and from the airport, the best way is to take the train (also included in Copenhagen Card) which takes about 15 minutes and arrive at Copenhagen Central Station, which is also the best part of Copenhagen to stay in.

Is Copenhagen Worth Visiting: FAQ

Below are some related questions to “Is Copenhagen worth visiting?” along with my answers.

Is Copenhagen better than Stockholm?

It’s impossible to pick a winner between Copenhagen and Stockholm. Both are unique cities and offer different things. Stockholm is slightly cheaper than Copenhagen, but Copenhagen is more popular for tourism. So both Copenhagen and Stockholm have their perks. If you can visit them both, do it. It’s very easy to get between the two, there are regular trains.

Why is Copenhagen a great place to visit?

Copenhagen is a great place to visit because it is such a different experience from the rest of Europe. The architecture and buildings in Copenhagen are so beautiful, and the churches are incredible. Copenhagen is known as “The City of Spires” for a reason. There are so many great things to do in Copenhagen ranging from Nyhavn and Tivoli to Copenhagen Zoo and the Little Mermaid.

Is Copenhagen better than Amsterdam?

Copenhagen and Amsterdam are two very similar but very different cities. It’s impossible to pick a winner between the two. Amsterdam is more popular to visit and has more tourists, and is much cheaper. But Copenhagen offers a much more unique culture and is very different to the rest of Europe. Both cities are worth visiting at some point!

Is Copenhagen worth visiting in January?

Yes! I visited Copenhagen in January and had an amazing time. Despite Tivoli Gardens being closed, there are still so many things to do. The crowds are also non-existent. At times I was the only person outside Christiansborg Palace! Hotels are also cheaper to stay in too, as it’s a less popular time of the year to visit. This only makes it even more worth visiting, having fewer tourists is always a bonus.

Is Copenhagen Zoo worth visiting?

Without a doubt, yes! Copenhagen Zoo is the best zoo I have visited anywhere in the world. There is such a wide variety of animals. I got to see pandas, leopards and polar bears for the first time! There is also an amazing viewpoint which allows a great view over Copenhagen. Of course, a huge benefit of visiting Copenhagen Zoo is that it is included in the Copenhagen Card, so admission is free. Not to mention the amazing churros I had at Copenhagen Zoo. It would be worth visiting for those alone!

Conclusion: Is Copenhagen Worth Visiting

To conclude, the answer to “Is Copenhagen worth visiting?” is yes, undoubtedly. Copenhagen is an amazing city break and such a unique city compared to others in Europe.

There are so many great things to see and do such as Tivoli Gardens, Nyhavn and Rosenborg Castle. You’ll always find something.

It’s a popular destination, but not too touristy like Paris or Rome, so Copenhagen makes for a great trip.

I would recommend it to anyone. I hope you enjoy your trip to Copenhagen!

Now that you know it’s worth going to the city, it’s time to decide how many days you are going to spend in Copenhagen.