Is Denmark Expensive To Visit In 2024?

The answer to “Is Denmark expensive?” is yes.

Denmark is one of my favourite countries in the world and I try to go back at least once per year so I know all too well how pricey it can be.

Lots of people wonder how much to budget and whether it’s possible to visit Denmark without breaking the bank, and thankfully, it is.

I’ve put together a complete guide to how expensive Denmark is, along with some tips on how to save money where possible.

Is Denmark Expensive?

To cut to the chase, yes, Denmark is very expensive to visit.

It’s one of the most expensive places I’ve ever visited and I’ve been to Sweden, Iceland, Norway and even Switzerland- which are all notoriously expensive.

Pretty much everything in Denmark is more expensive than in other parts of Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, but it’s still more expensive than in Western Europe.

But don’t just take my word for it, alongside Ireland, Denmark was ranked as the most expensive country in the EU.

Copenhagen is also a very expensive city to visit.

Even though it’s 40% higher than the rest of the EU, it massively depends on what you buy.

And of course, it’s still possible to visit on a budget. I visited Copenhagen on a budget and had the most amazing time ever without breaking the bank. You just need to be clever and do things like refill water bottles rather than buy new ones, and eat outside of the city centre.

I’ll get into a second just how expensive Denmark is to visit.

To summarise, yes, Denmark is expensive. It’s pretty much as expensive as you would think, but it’s still possible to visit on a smaller budget.

A picture of me standing at Nyhavn in Copenhagen.
A picture of me at Nyhavn, Copenhagen.

How Expensive Is Denmark?

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Even though I’ve told you Denmark is very expensive to visit, it’s actually not as expensive as many people think.

Or at least, I didn’t find it to be. But I did visit on a budget.

Many people hear horror stories of paying the equivalent of €30 for just a burger and chips, but this can happen anywhere in the world. It just depends on where you eat- don’t assume this is the standard.

That being said, look at this sign I walked past in Copenhagen. The equivalent of €4.69 for 2 slices of toast. Wow…

A picture of a sign for a cafe which advertises two slices of toast for 35DKK which is equivalent to €4.69. An example of why I answer yes to "Is Denmark expensive?"

I would say that Copenhagen is moderately more expensive than the rest of Europe. But not too much more expensive than Scandinavia.

As a reference, I bought a bottle of water for 25 DKK (£2.95 / $3.65 / €3.36), normally I would pay less than a third of this price at home in the UK.

While that is really expensive, I only bought 2 bottles during my time in Denmark, as there are plenty of places where you can fill your water up, and tap water in Denmark is actually really refreshing.

I also found other good ways of saving money in Copenhagen such as buying the Copenhagen Card which includes free access to all of the attractions including a canal tour and entry to Tivoli Gardens.

There are also other ways to save money while in other parts of Denmark, such as taking Flixbuses instead of public transport between cities.

And there’s no real way of saying for sure how expensive Denmark is because it’s subjective. If you’re from Switzerland, you probably won’t think twice about prices in Denmark, whereas if you’re from Thailand, you’ll find it astoundingly expensive.

Though to speak generally, I consider Denmark moderately more expensive than other countries and destinations in Europe.

Some Danish Krone coins. Is Denmark expensie? Yes.
Danish Krone.

Why is Denmark so Expensive?

There are lots of reasons why Denmark is so expensive, but I like to summarise it as: It’s an unbelievable country.

Denmark has so much to offer and it’s the perfect example of “you get what you pay for“.

Sure, the prices are high and you might pay more for things than you will in other countries, but it’s also an extraordinary place.

In simple terms, the quality of life in Denmark is just so much better than anywhere else.

For example, Denmark is one of the safest countries in the world, everyone cycles everywhere in Copenhagen and other cities, there’s no corruption, the welfare system is second to none, and many other reasons.

But it’s clearly true that the quality of life is better, because Denmark is the second happiest country in the world, only behind its Scandinavian counterpart Finland.

And if you’re wondering, Danish salaries are higher than most countries to keep in line with the economy. Denmark has a very strong economy, which is another reason it’s so expensive.

A picture of someone cycling past a yellow cafe with 3 Danish flags hanging off the wall.

How Much is Accommodation in Denmark?

The price of accommodation in Denmark depends greatly on where you are. Staying in the heart of Copenhagen is going to be hugely expensive compared to staying on the outskirts of a smaller city like Aarhus, for example.

But on the other hand, small towns with tourist attractions like Billund are going to be expensive to stay in because there are so few options and the prices are inflated.

In general, the price of accommodation is slightly higher than in other countries in Europe.

For a mid-range hotel, prices are around 800-1500 DKK per night. This is equivalent to €107-€201. So while it seems expensive, prices elsewhere in mainland Europe are slowly but surely edging towards being this expensive.

Where I found accommodation to be most expensive was in hostels. I stayed in Next House Copenhagen and it was the most expensive hostel I’ve ever stayed in. But on the other hand, it’s the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in.

As I said earlier, you get what you pay for.

A picture of a street in Denmark where you can see signs for shops like Tiger and also signs for hotels.

How Much are Tourist Attractions in Denmark?

Tourist attractions in Denmark are pretty expensive, to be honest.

Getting into Legoland in Billund is 329 DKK, for example, which is the same as €44, so pretty expensive. Another example is Copenhagen Zoo which is 239 DKK or €32.

So attractions are one of the most expensive things about Denmark, but that’s what tourist attractions always are, no matter what country you are in.

Thankfully, there are ways to save money on a trip to Denmark, especially if you only stay in one place. Copenhagen has the Copenhagen Card which includes Copenhagen Zoo and pretty much every other attraction in the city. It’s great value for money.

A picture of a panda in Copenhagen Zoo.
A picture of a panda in Copenhagen Zoo.

How Expensive is Food in Denmark?

Food is what I found most expensive about Denmark. While I wasn’t paying €30 for a burger and chips like the horror story above, I still found it to be quite expensive.

I would say on average I paid 150-200 DKK per meal for myself (one person) in Denmark.

In other countries, I’ve had this halved, even in Western Europe, but I still don’t think it’s extortionate.

But what I found to have the biggest price jump from other places was bakeries. Bakeries are a big part of life in Denmark – hence Danish pastries – but they definitely aren’t cheap.

For example, a pastry and a small hot drink cost me about 70 DKK. Which is pretty expensive if you ask me.

That being said, avoid bakeries which are chains. Lagkagehuset is the biggest one, and while it’s amazing and I had the best hot chocolate ever, it’s super pricey.

Instead, go to smaller local bakeries which will offer the same food and drinks but at a smaller price.

A picture of a selection of pastries in a bakery in Denmark.


Below are some questions related to “Is Denmark expensive?” along with my answers to each.

How much is one meal in Denmark?

A meal in Denmark ranges from 100-200 DKK in mid-range restaurants, while fast food or casual options may be around 70-100 DKK

How much is a beer in Denmark?

A beer in Denmark costs approximately 40-80 DKK in bars or restaurants, with higher prices in city centres and popular tourist spots.

Is it cheap to visit Denmark?

No, Denmark is generally considered expensive for travellers. Accommodation, dining, and transportation tend to be on the higher side compared to many other European destinations.

Is Denmark expensive as a tourist?

Yes, Denmark is pretty expensive for tourists. Expect high prices for accommodation, dining, attractions, and activities. That being said, it is possible to visit Denmark on a budget.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a complete guide to “Is Denmark expensive?

The answer is yes, Denmark is expensive to visit.

You should expect pretty much everything to cost more than it would in other places in Europe, and the reason is because the standard of living is high in Denmark.

Enjoy your trip to Denmark, it’s an amazing country, even if it is expensive to visit.