Is there Uber in Mexico in 2024?

Wondering whether or not there is Uber in Mexico?

You’ve come to the right article as I’m about to provide a complete guide to Uber in Mexico.

Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it also requires a fair bit of travelling to get from place to place.

This leads to a common question: “Is there Uber in Mexico?” so I took it upon myself to write this guide to answer the question once and for all.

Before visiting Mexico, I found there were lots of conflicting articles and it seemed to be quite a grey area, but now, after experiencing it first hand, I have a complete guide to Uber in Mexico.

So let’s get on with it!

Is there Uber in Mexico? YES!

In one sentence, yes! There is Uber in Mexico.

However, it is very different to the rest of the world in how it works. Uber has been around in Mexico for about 6 years but has had its ups and downs.

A photo taken from sitting in an Uber in Mexico

In 2017, Uber stopped its operations in Mexico after issues with local taxi firms. There were cases of Uber drivers being attacked by local taxi companies.

Long story short, they were unhappy with the low prices Uber were charging, as the taxi rates in Mexico had been steadily increasing as the taxi drivers learned how to make a quick buck from tourists.

From 2019 onwards, Uber has been operating again in Mexico, but it’s not quite the same as anywhere else. The local taxi companies are still unhappy with Uber’s presence and it’s not unusual for there to be threats made against Uber drivers.

So yes, there is Uber in Mexico, but there are some precautions you should take before using the ride-hailing service. I’ll get into those in a moment.

Is it safe to use Uber in Mexico?

The information so far has probably put you off using Uber in Mexico, but you can be assured that you will be perfectly fine using an Uber, provided you follow my tips down below.

Nonetheless, Uber is probably the safest way you can travel in Mexico. Taxi drivers are often corrupt, do not use a meter and put bluntly, they’re sometimes just outright dodgy.

Another photo taken from within an Uber in Mexico

As always with Uber, it tracks your current location and route. Meaning that it is much safer than a normal taxi, which does not have this.

On top of the tracking, you can also assess the profile of your driver, as you would with Uber anywhere else. Again, you would not be able to do this with a taxi.

Should you use Uber in Mexico?

So it’s safe to use Uber in Mexico, but should you? Yes!

As said above, taxi drivers often don’t use a meter, and charge inflated prices for tourists, simply trying to make a quick buck.

Uber is much cheaper, and you know the price before starting your journey. Especially if you are travelling the Gringo Trail, you want to be as cheap as possible!

Uber driver steering the wheel.

On top of the safety benefits listed above, it’s also much easier to get from A to B if the driver doesn’t speak English. So yes, you should use Uber!

Top Tip: Even if the driver’s profile states that they understand English, this isn’t always the case. Always make a note of the address of where you are staying (in Spanish) that you can provide if needed, and as always, it’s polite to know the basics like “Hello”, “Thank you”, etc. Even though Mexico is in North America, the language is Spanish, not English.

Tips for using Uber in Mexico

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When using Uber in Mexico, it’s a lot different than you will have experienced before. There are some steps taken by Uber drivers to prevent difficulties with Taxi firms and you should be aware of these. There are also just general things that vary from country to country. That being said, here are the top tips:

  1. Sit in the front seat instead of the back

Uber drivers much prefer if you sit in the front seat, this way it looks like it is just two friends in the car, rather than someone providing a taxi service.

  1. Don’t get in an Uber near a taxi firm

If you are ordering an Uber, don’t get picked up near a taxi firm. This unnecessarily increases the risk of there being a commotion. Walk one or two streets away and you should be fine 🙂

  1. Get a Mexican eSIM

This can help save you a lot of money from international roaming charges if you are ordering an Uber using mobile data. Having an eSIM allows you to use data freely while still having your normal physical SIM card.

✔️ The best eSIM to get for Mexico is from Airalo, the original eSIM provider.

  1. The cars don’t have Uber stickers

Unlike in the US and other countries where Uber is popular, the cars are not fitted out with Uber logos, stickers or anything. As the drivers don’t want to alert the taxi companies, Uber cars look like any regular car. It’s common for a driver to pull up and flash their lights to let you know they’ve arrived.

  1. Most Uber drivers prefer cash

We are beginning to move to a cashless world so it’s common to pay for Uber by card. Not in Mexico, most drivers prefer to be paid in cash.

Jar with a yellow label saying "Tip" with a heart drawn beneath it.
  1. Tip your Uber driver

Normally tips do not reflect your passenger rating given by your driver, but they do here. So make sure to tip your driver, even if it’s only 50 Mexican Pesos (about $2.50 USD). Tipping is expected but it is also a nice way to show your token of appreciation.

  1. There are no Ubers from the airports

As Uber drivers do not want to rival taxis, Ubers generally do not pick up customers from the airport. You can get a lift to the airport, but not from it.

A picture of a phone on the Uber app

How to get from the airport in Mexico

If you are arriving in Mexico by plane, you’ll need to get a lift from the airport to where you’re staying.

Rather than using a taxi and paying an extremely high price, I recommend using private transfers. They are cheaper and a lot safer.

You want to save money especially if you are backpacking Mexico. So here are my recommended options:

Cancún International Airport – Book your private transfer by clicking here

Mexico City International Airport – Book your private transfer by clicking here

Guadalajara International Airport – Book your private transfer by clicking here

A picture of people waiting to be picked up at an airport

Is there Uber in Mexico: Wrap Up

And there you have it, a complete guide to “Is there Uber in Mexico?”.

Remember, the answer is yes, there is Uber in Mexico. It’s just a bit different than in other countries.

You should take your personal safety seriously and follow the tips I gave above. And use a private transfer from the airport.

So get out there and start travelling across Mexico, it’s amazing!

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