Next House Copenhagen: 2023 Review & Tips For Staying

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You’ve found the right article, as I stayed there in January 2023 and have written a first-hand review.

It’s branded as a luxury hostel, but the price seems too good to be true, right?

This question, among others, were questions I had before my visit. After staying, I feel confident to provide answers to all your burning questions.

A picture of Next House Copenhagen from across the street.

Don’t have time to read the full article? I 100% recommend staying at Next House Copenhagen. It’s the best hostel I have ever stayed in!

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Next House Copenhagen Review

Next House Copenhagen brands itself as a “luxury hostel” and this could not be more true. What really sets this hostel aside from a standard hostel are the pods in which you sleep.

Rather than the typical bunk beds, you get a private pod which offers a bit of privacy while still having the social benefits of shared living. It’s the best of both worlds!

A picture of my pod in Next House Copenhagen during my stay.

The facilities are also really nice and modern and unlike many hostels, clean and actually worked. As it only opened in 2021, everything is relatively new. I visited Copenhagen solo and had the stay of my life here.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Next House Copenhagen is the best hostel I have stayed in, anywhere in the world.

Having privacy is something that is missing in most hostels, due to the shared living space. But with Next House Copenhagen, you get that privacy, but you also get the usual benefits of a hostel.

Meeting new people, being surrounded by like-minded people, etc., etc.

A typical 4 bed room in the hostel.

You can’t go wrong with staying here and I would recommend it to anyone. Literally, anyone, as there are private rooms too which are just as good as hotel rooms, but for a fraction of the price.

Copenhagen is expensive, so any opportunity to save money should be jumped at.

Not to mention the amazing restaurants and bars on offer at Next House Copenhagen. The hostel has everything you could possibly think of. There’s also a kitchen which allows you to make your own meals and save money while staying in a hostel.

As a sports fan, a personal favourite of mine was the mini football/soccer pitch they have. It’s so much fun and it’s something a little unique on offer, I’ve never seen it before!

A picture of the football pitch with the gym in the background.

But if the real thing isn’t your jam, there are foosball tables. As well as board games etc. on offer.

There is also a gym too, which is great for full-time or long-term travellers, as it can be hard to stay fit while travelling constantly. You only have to pay 20 DKK for access to the pitch and gym for your stay, that’s less than £/€/$3! Great if you are visiting Copenhagen on a budget.

All in all, it’s the best hostel ever. You’ll have an incredible stay and I can’t recommend it enough. 10/10. I only wish every hostel was as good as Next House Copenhagen!

Next House Copenhagen Room Options

There are many room options to choose from, 10 in fact. Next House Copenhagen has the capacity to sleep over 1600 people. It’s an extremely big hostel, and there’s a room type for anyone and everyone.

A screenshot showing the room options at Next House Copenhagen. There are 10 options: Family Room with private bathroom, quadruple room with private bathroom, twin room, double room, single room, bed in 6 bed mixed dorm, bed in 4 bed mixed dorm, bed in 4 bed female dorm, bed in 6 bed female dorm and triple room.

The private rooms are of insane quality for a hostel. They are as good as any hotel room but considerably cheaper. Of course, like all accommodation options, prices vary throughout the year.

As for the dorm rooms, well I’ve already emphasised how amazing it is to have a private pod.

A picture of my laptop in my pod with another pod in the background.

There are also female-only options, which is always good to see hostels providing the opportunity if you prefer not to mix genders.

If you are male and would prefer to have a male-only room, although it’s not listed as an option, I believe you can still get one. As it’s an FAQ and the answer is “Yes of course, just ask us”. I imagine you book a mixed room and then request a male-only room on arrival.

Whichever room you choose, you are guaranteed to have an amazing stay at Next House Copenhagen.

Next House Copenhagen: Tips For Your Stay

As with any hostel, there are tips you can follow and things to know to enhance your stay at Next House Copenhagen. Here are 5 tips I learnt from my time staying there:

  1. If you book through Booking or Hostelworld, you need to get a code from reception. You simply go to reception and give your name, then they give you a code and you type it into the self-check-in screens scattered throughout the reception.
A picture of the check-in screens in reception
  1. You need to pay to use the kitchen. It’s a very small fee though, only 20 DKK (less than £/€/$3) for your whole stay, but just be aware that you do need to pay to access it.
  1. Bring a padlock if you are staying in a dorm. There are lockers in each room but you need to have your own padlock. You can buy one from reception, but it’s easier and probably cheaper to just have your own.
A picture of the lockers in a dorm room in Next House Copenhagen
  1. The gym and pitch are worth paying for. As it’s less than £/€/$3 for the entirety of your stay, it’s worth it even if you only use it once. It’s so unique and fun to have a kick around with new friends you have made while staying in the hostel. The foosball tables are free though!
A picture of a foosball table at Next House Copenhagen
  1. The rooftop offers a pretty nice view. You can go on to the rooftop terrace and enjoy a few drinks while taking in a view over Copenhagen. It’s free to get to so don’t feel like you have to buy a drink just to enjoy the view.

Is Next House Copenhagen Safe?

Yes! Next House Copenhagen is a really safe hostel. Of course, it’s impossible to guarantee anyone’s safety in a hostel as at the end of the day, you are sleeping in a room with strangers.

But Next House Copenhagen isn’t dodgy and the pods offer a lot more privacy than you can get in any other hostel.

So if you have any safety concerns about staying here, I can assure you that you don’t need to be worried. But of course, make sure to follow hostel safety tips like normal.

If you are a female, you can choose to stay in an all-female room, if you would prefer.

Are there lockers in Next House Copenhagen?

Yes, there are lockers in all the dorm rooms in Next House Copenhagen. You need to bring your own padlock, or alternatively, you can buy one from reception. I recommend bringing your own to save money.

There are also lockers on the underground floor, where you can store your bags before check-in and after check-out, but this is a paid service. It costs 20 DKK for 3 hours.

Is Next House Copenhagen Clean?

I found Next House Copenhagen to be a really clean hostel. It is only a few years old so everything is pretty new and shiny.

My bed was clean, the bed lining was clean, the dorm room itself was clean, the bathroom was clean, and everywhere was clean. I have no complaints.

It makes a real change from other hostels which can be really dirty sometimes.

Is Next House Copenhagen In A Good Location?

Next House Copenhagen is in an incredible location. The hostel is only a 5-minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station, which you will arrive at if you come from Copenhagen Airport.

It’s also only 5 minutes away from Tivoli Gardens. And at maximum, 20 minutes from any of the attractions. Rosenborg Castle, for example, is about 20 minutes. Nyahvn is between 10 and 15.

To summarise, it’s a great location and it’s in the best area to stay in when visiting Copenhagen.

What is the atmosphere like in Next House Copenhagen?

The atmosphere in Next House Copenhagen is quite unique. As it’s such a big hostel, you don’t just meet people in a common room. Instead, you meet people at one of the 5 bars, in the restaurant, for example.

The vibe is great though. The vibe anywhere in Copenhagen is indescribable. You really get a sense of being laid back, letting go of your stresses and embracing the reasons that make Copenhagen one of the happiest cities in the world.

But I made a few great friends staying in this hostel. As always with solo travelling, you just have to put yourself out there and you never know who you’ll meet. It’s one of the best parts of travelling: the people you meet.

Next House Copenhagen: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete and honest review of Next House Copenhagen along with tips for your stay.

Is it worth staying there? 100%. Yes. It’s the best hostel I have ever stayed in, without a doubt.

The word “luxury” couldn’t be any more true, and it’s still reasonably priced. What more can you ask for?

Visiting Copenhagen? This is the hostel for you.

Book your stay at Next House Copenhagen by clicking here.

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