25 Amazing Things To Do In Rome At Night In 2024

Looking for some of the best things to do in Rome at night?

Then you’ve come to the right article as I’ve written a complete list of the best things to do in the Eternal City at nighttime.

Rome is an incredible city, one of my favourite places I have visited.

The city really comes alive at night and looks arguably even more beautiful than it does during the day.

That being said, sometimes it can be hard to find something to do. Especially if you aren’t familiar with the city.

I spent 5 days in Rome and I did a few things every night, and here are some of my favourite things to do at night in the city.

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Things To Do In Rome At Night

There are so many things to do in Rome at night, and everyone will have a different idea of what’s fun and what’s not. So I’ve included a little bit of everything. As I said, Rome really comes alive at night- it’s the best time to get out and explore the city in my opinion. I loved seeing all of the landmarks lit up at night, which leads me onto the first thing to do…

1. See the Colosseum lit up

The Colosseum is beautiful during the day but in my opinion, it is even better at night. Seeing the orange-yellow lights light up the columns is a sight I will never forget, and a memory I cherish deeply. During my first trip to Rome, I first saw the Colosseum at night and it was incredible. I couldn’t and still can’t believe how magnificent it looks at night.

A photo of me outside the Colosseum in Rome at night.

2. Take a night tour of Rome

Taking a night tour of Rome is a completely different experience from the daytime. The whole of Rome is illuminated at night and is absolutely beautiful. Taking a tour and seeing the main attractions such as the Colosseum shown above, the Trevi Fountain or even the Pantheon is well worth doing. This is especially worth doing when visiting Rome for the first time.

3. Go to an opera

Italy is the home of opera and Rome in particular has many great venues throughout the city. Attending an Opera show in Rome is a memory you’ll never forget, it’s a great way to experience Italian culture. You can find out what operas are on and book your tickets by clicking here. I’m personally not a huge fan of opera, but the opera in Rome still gave me goosebumps.

4. Have a drink on a rooftop bar

There are so many excellent rooftop bars in Rome which are amazing in the day, but as with the rest of Rome, completely transform when it gets dark. Having a meal or a few drinks on top of a building never gets old! A personal favourite would be a rooftop bar overlooking the Trevi Fountain, which leads nicely onto the 5th thing to do in Rome at night…

5. See the Trevi Fountain lit up

Seeing the Trevi Fountain lit up at night is gorgeous. It definitely makes Rome worth visiting. One of the added bonuses about visiting the Trevi Fountain late at night (or early in the morning as I also did) is that the crowds are virtually non-existent. Compare the photo I took below to one during the day, there are a few hundred people less! It’s the best time to get some photos for Instagram, that’s for sure.

A picture of the Trevi Fountain lit up. One of the best things to do in Rome at night is to visit the main attractions lit up.

6. Watch a movie in an open-air cinema

During the summertime in Rome, there are many open-air cinemas throughout the city. Particularly in the piazzas. Watching a movie surrounded by the beautiful buildings in Rome definitely beats any cinema or theatre! If you visit Rome in its summer months, definitely find an open-air cinema! Even if you don’t understand the movies and they’re in Italian, the atmosphere is still great.

7. Take a ghost tour of Rome

Another great thing to do in Rome at night is to take a ghost tour of the city. Rome’s history is fascinating, did you know about the haunted past of Rome? There are many great ghost tours in Rome, some of the best in the world in my opinion. It’s a really unique side of Rome and one that many people miss out on. I’m glad I didn’t miss out!

8. Explore Rome’s catacombs

Located under the streets of Rome is a series of catacombs. They’re one of the more unique things you can explore in Rome, and there are lots of tour options. I definitely wouldn’t suggest going without a guide– you don’t want to get lost. Book a tour by clicking here.

9. Go Fountain Hunting

Fountain hunting in Rome is a great activity for any time of the day. Rome has over 300 monumental fountains! At night, when they are lit up with white, yellow and orange lights, they are so beautiful. Simply hopping from fountain to fountain is a great way to get around Rome. My personal favourite is the Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona- as a traveller, it really stood out to me.

10. Head to the Vatican

The Vatican is always extremely crowded during the day, no matter what time of year. If you visit at night, it is less crowded and also lit up and looks amazing. There are also options to explore the Vatican Museums at night. Unfortunately, though, the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica closes around 4/5 pm depending on the time of year. But even so, the square looks amazing at night time. I preferred it to the daytime.

The Vatican lit up at night with an impressive Christmas tree in front.

11. Take a cooking class

Taking a cooking class is a very fun thing to do at night in Rome. Whether you choose to learn how to make pizza or pasta (let’s be honest- it’s probably not going to be anything else), learning the traditional and authentic Italian means of making these meals is so fun. An added bonus is you get to eat what you make! And you’ll know how to make these delicious meals to take back and make them at home!

12. Enjoy the Nightlife in Trastevere

Trastevere is known for being one of the most touristy parts of Rome and for good reason. The best meals I had in Rome were in Trastevere. Trastevere is where all of the best food tours in Rome take place. But Trastevere also has great nightlife and is without a doubt, the best in Rome! There are lots of great spots where you can dance the night away, with a few drinks of course.

13. Treat yourself to some tasty gelato

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and the Romans love to eat gelato at any time of the day. 9 am? No problem. 11 pm? Also no problem. Treat yourself to some of the most delicious gelatos ever, I wish I could stay in Rome forever for the gelatos I had during my 4 days in Rome!

14. Go late-night shopping

Late-night shopping in Rome is a unique experience. Most shops stay open late as they close during the afternoon for a long lunch break. This allows for plenty of shopping at night in Rome. There are hundreds of shops in Rome ranging from designer brands to local traditional markets, there’s something for everyone. Rome’s bustling streets also make it a lot different to shopping anywhere else.

15. Visit Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo is one of the buildings which look the best at night in my opinion. It looks spectacular! The lights shining on the castle create a warm glowing effect that is hard to beat! In my opinion, as with most landmarks in this list: it looks good during the day, but it looks GREAT at night. It’s also got a haunted history and is a key stop along must ghost tours of Rome.

A picture of Castel Sant'Angelo from across the street. Showing the glowing orange effect the lights have on the castle. It's one of the prettiest things to do in Rome at night in my opinion.

16. Take part in aperitivo

Aperitivo is a traditional Italian ritual which you can do in Rome at night. It’s a time to have a light meal and drinks with friends (and family if you are a local). You would typically eat a small buffet made up of cheeses, olives etc. and drink Capari, Aperol etc. It’s a very popular tradition and there are lots of opportunities in restaurants and bars across Rome to take part.

17. Watch a light show

A magical thing to do in Rome at night is watch a light show. Obviously, Rome is known for its amazing architecture, and throughout the year, there are many light shows at Rome’s main attractions. Even at the Colosseum! Light shows consist of the building being illuminated, sometimes with stories and movies and almost certainly have music. It’s a unique way to experience the main sights in Rome.

18. Have fun in a speakeasy

Speakeasies, once hidden and secret bars in the States during prohibition, have become increasingly popular in Rome recently. Of course, they have discreet entrances to stick with the name! The speakeasies in Rome have a unique but intimate atmosphere, often filled with vintage furniture to replicate the original speakeasies from the ’20s. Nonetheless, they’re very fun!

19. Go to a concert

Going to a concert in Rome at night is a great way to experience Rome’s vibrant music scene. There are lots of popular venues across Rome such as the Auditorium Parco della Musica, which hosts a range of concerts across different music genres. Similar to the open-air cinemas, there are open-air theatres in Rome such as The Cavea which also hosts some great concerts.

20. Explore Rome lit up for Christmas (December)

In December, Rome completely transforms and the whole city becomes a Christmas paradise. There are so many impressive decorations across Rome but my favourite is the huge Christmas Tree in Piazza Venezia. It’s the biggest decorated tree I have ever seen! There are also Christmas markets in Piazza Navona to check out.

A picture of the Christmas tree in Piazza Venezia.

21. Visit a jazz club

Rome is renowned for its vibrant jazz scene; there are tons of top jazz clubs throughout the city. Visiting one can be an unforgettable experience! The jazz clubs host live performances by both local and international jazz musicians. Alexanderplatz is a particularly famous jazz club in Rome.

22. Head to the Campo de’ Fiori Market

The Campo de’ Fiori Market can be a great way to experience Rome as a local. The market is known for its vibrant atmosphere and wide array of items. It’s popular during the day but at night it transforms into a lively and festive destination. The piazza is surrounded by food vendors, lively crowds and street performers. This leads nicely to the last thing to do in Rome at night…

23. Find a busker

One of my favourite memories from Rome is sitting and watching a busker at night. I found so many great buskers in Rome, and although most people walk straight past, actually sitting down and watching can provide an excellent time. It’s essentially a free concert but a lot more personal and intimate. I didn’t find Rome expensive, but I’ll never say no to a free concert. It felt like being in a movie to me.

A picture of a busker in Rome. One of my favourite things to do in Rome at night is to sit down and watch a busker. Magical.

24. Take a Vespa tour

Taking a Vespa tour of Rome is a must-do in my opinion, and there’s no better time to take one than at night.

Riding on a Vespa in Italy is an experience in itself, especially in Rome where the traffic is so mental, but the bonus of seeing all of the sights lit up in a short period of time is a huge bonus of course.

Plus, most tours include gelato and coffee too so you can tick off some of the other best things to do at night.

25. Peer through Aventine Keyhole

Aventine Keyhole offers one of the most unique yet stunning views in Rome, but during the day, there are usually huge queues to get a quick peek through the keyhole, especially in summer.

At night, the view is just as spectacular, but the queues are completely non-existant. It’s “open” all night as it’s simply a keyhole, and it’s free too.

Seeing the Vatican lit up is pretty cool, the view is unbelieable.

Things To Do In Rome At Night: FAQ

Here are some related questions about things to do in Rome at night, along with my answers.

What can I do at night in Rome?

There is an abundance of things to do in Rome at night. From seeing the Colosseum lit up, to taking a ghost tour of Rome, there are so many things to choose from and there is definitely something for everyone. You could even visit a jazz club, speakeasy or watch a light show.

What to do in Rome after 5 pm

There are so many things to do in Rome in the evening and night. Aperitivo is a popular Italian tradition in which you have a light buffet with friends, consisting of cheeses, olives etc. accompanied by alcohol. This is a great option for something to do in Rome in the evening.

Where can I go out at night in Rome?

The best part of Rome for going out is Trastevere. It is home to a number of busy clubs, bars, and restaurants and in general, is considered “the place to be” at night in Rome.

Is there nightlife in Rome?

Yes. The best nightlife in Rome is found in Trastevere. A popular suburb in Rome known for its delicious restaurants and bars also transforms into a huge party at nighttime as the bars and clubs are open very late, playing music and serving drinks.

What to wear in Rome at night

Rome can get somewhat chilly at night time. It’s best to wear a jacket or coat and ensure you are wearing full-length bottoms. You don’t want to be wearing shorts at night in Rome. Of course, if you choose to visit the Vatican, ensure you are dressing appropriately and respectably.

Things To Do In Rome At Night: Conclusion

And there you have it, 25 amazing things to do in Rome at night.

There truly is something for everyone. The city offers such a wide variety of things to do that you’ll never be stuck for ideas.

Whether you choose to simply visit the main sights and see them lit up, or opt to watch a performance of some sort; as we know, Rome has plenty; you’ll be sure to have a great time.

Now that you’ve found some things to do in Rome when it gets dark, your next job is to find somewhere to eat dinner before it gets dark. I recommend Tonnarello or Mariuccia.