Is There Uber In Copenhagen In 2023?

Wondering whether there’s Uber in Copenhagen?

You’ve come to the right place as I’ve visited Copenhagen twice this year, and I know whether or not there is Uber in the city.

Copenhagen is known for being an amazing city to visit. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Scandinavia, and for good reason.

In the modern world, Uber is one of the best and most convenient ways to get around.

It’s used worldwide, but is there Uber in Copenhagen?

This is a question I had too before I visited Copenhagen. I was surprised by the answer, and I created this guide to help you get a straight answer to this important question.

Is There Uber In Copenhagen?

To summarise this article and put it bluntly, no, Copenhagen does not have Uber.

Uber is technically illegal in Denmark due to the national taxi laws which protect the local taxi firms in Denmark, including Copenhagen.

I remember one of the guys I met in the hostel I stayed in telling me they tried to get an Uber from the airport but he wasn’t able to- well, this is why!

It is quite frustrating that there isn’t an option to use the service in Copenhagen, especially if you use it frequently.

Many people assume you can use Uber worldwide, and while this is somewhat true due to the large number of countries, Denmark isn’t one of them.

The history between Uber and Danish laws is a long story. They were operating in Denmark from 2014 to 2017 like they would in any other country.

There were some disputes between the company and the government before then, as there have been in other countries too. But when new taxi laws in 2017 made Uber technically illegal unless they changed how they operated, they pulled out of operating in Denmark.

Since then, there has been a back and forth between the ride-hailing company and the Danish government where Uber have been trying to reach a compromise, but it seems that the final judgement is that Uber won’t be returning to Denmark or Copenhagen any time soon.

A picture of a taxi in Copenhagen. Is there Uber Copenhagen? No.

The reason is that the new law introduced in 2017 required all taxi cabs in Denmark to have a fare meter, video surveillance and seat sensors among other things.

Of course, if you have been in an Uber before, you will know that the ride fee isn’t calculated using a fare meter and is paid for in advance.

As a very modern city, it’s quite weird that there isn’t Uber in Copenhagen.

If you ask me, the reason that the Danish government are being so strict is because they want to protect the local taxi firms and keep the money in Denmark. They have a strong economy and don’t want money generated through both locals and tourists to go to international companies.

But it’s not the end of the world, there are other alternatives available which I will discuss in a moment, but in answer to the question “Is there Uber in Copenhagen?“, no, there isn’t.

Equivalent Of Uber In Copenhagen

There are a few services similar to Uber (an app-based taxi or ride-hailing app) that operate in Copenhagen. When I was in Copenhagen, I saw quite a lot of taxis, but it seemed to be mainly tourists who used them rather than locals.

The first alternative is Viggo, a ride-hailing service which fits right in with the Copenhagen way of life. The company only uses zero-emission cars, getting you from A to B in a modern electric vehicle.

Viggo is a relatively small taxi firm, with around 100 cars in the city, but the size does not take away from the quality. The taxis are top-class and I’d recommend using them.

As you may be aware, Copenhagen is expensive to visit, so the price of Viggo’s taxis may seem high but it’s pretty in line with the economy in the city. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those places that are costly to visit. But worth it!

A picture of the rates for Viggo, Copenhagen's Uber alternative.

If you want to travel with the environment in mind, Viggo is the perfect company. Personally, I can see them expanding outside of Scandinavia in the near future.

Another option similar to Uber in Copenhagen is Taxa 4×35. The “preferred taxi company in Copenhagen” is definitely a fair phrase for them to use.

During my 3 days in Copenhagen, I definitely saw the 4×35 cars the most. The taxi firm started as a regular firm but grew to have an app similar in functionality to Uber.

It’s really easy to book a ride, you just follow the same steps as normal by putting in where you want to go, when you want to go and where you want picked up, and it’ll give you a price.

Taxa 4×35 emailed me to let me know that they also aim to go 100% electric by 2025, with around half of their current fleet being zero-emission taxis.

A picture of the rates for Taxa 4x35, another Uber Copenhagen alternative.

As you can see, the prices of Viggo and Taxa 4×35 are pretty similar, so it’s a personal preference of who you wish to use in Copenhagen.

Both companies provide a great experience. Like the rest of Copenhagen, the rides are efficient but laid-back.

Also- if you are wondering how safe ride sharing is in Copenhagen, Copenhagen is safe 100%. It’s actually the safest city I have ever visited and one of the safest in the entire world.

So there are two very strong options that replace Uber in Copenhagen: Viggo and Taxa 4×35.

Even though Uber doesn’t operate in Denmark, the Copenhageners aren’t short of ride-hailing apps, that’s for sure.

Transportation Options in Copenhagen

If you decide not to use one of the two ride-hailing apps offered above, you may wonder what your other options for getting around Copenhagen are. There are 5 main options to choose from.

  • Bus
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Car Rental
  • Harbour bus

When you get to Copenhagen, you will quickly see that all the locals get around the city by cycling. Copenhagen is one of the world’s most cycle-friendly cities after all.

Side note, taking a bike tour of Copenhagen is actually one of the best ways to see the city’s main sights.

A picture of people cycling in Copenhagen.
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The public transport in Copenhagen is very reliable, prompt and affordable. So you can be sure that if you choose to use it, you will easily get from A to B.

Public transport is also included in your Copenhagen Card! It’s one of the reasons I suggest buying the card in my Copenhagen Card review.

And if you were wondering, the harbour buses are buses that go through Copenhagen’s harbour and canals to get you from A to B via the water. It’s a pretty cool experience! If you’re visiting Copenhagen on a budget, it’s a cheeky way to get a quick canal tour rather than paying for a proper tour.

Thankfully, Copenhagen is an easy city to navigate and get around, and there are lots of options to do so.

Is There Uber In Copenhagen: FAQ

Below are some questions related to “Is there Uber in Copenhagen?” along with my answers.

Is there a taxi app in Copenhagen?

Yes, there is the Taxa 4×35 app which allows you to book a taxi on their app. Another app is the Viggo app which is a ride-hailing app using 100% zero-emission cars.

What is Denmark version of Uber?

There are two options to choose from as the equivalent of Uber in Denmark: Taxa 4×35 which is the main taxi firm in Copenhagen who have an app. Or Viggo, a ride-hailing company that only uses zero-emission cars for your journeys.

Why is Uber banned in Denmark?

Uber withdrew from operating in Denmark as new taxi laws required all taxis to have fare meters, video surveillance and seat sensors. Shortly after this law was introduced, the ride-hailing service pulled out of Denmark.

Is there Uber Eats in Copenhagen?

Yes, even though there are no Uber rides in Copenhagen as the service is outlawed, you can still avail of fast food delivery using the Uber Eats app.

Is There Uber In Copenhagen: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide to “Is there Uber in Copenhagen?“.

Remember, the answer is unfortunately no.

But there are other ride-hailing apps like Taxa 4×35 and Viggo.

And of course, the other transport options too.

However you choose to get around Copenhagen, I hope you have a great trip even though Copenhagen has no Uber! 🙂

Now that you know there is no Uber in the city, you can start planning other aspects of your trip. I recommend starting with how to get from Copenhagen airport to the city.

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