13 Amazing Waterfalls in Northern Ireland

Looking for the best waterfalls in Northern Ireland?

You’ve come to the right article as I’m a local who has lived in Northern Ireland for 18 years, and these are my favourite waterfalls.

Northern Ireland is a country filled with incredible landscapes, but sometimes it can be hard to find a good waterfall.

From majestic cascades to secluded gems, there’s a waterfall for everyone to enjoy in NI.

So in no particular order, here are 13 amazing waterfalls in Northern Ireland.

Waterfalls in Northern Ireland

1. Glenoe Waterfall

Glenoe Waterfall is a small, private waterfall near Larne which is very popular amongst locals.

It’s a single waterfall and has a short (2-3 minute) walk from the car park to the waterfall.

One of the best things about Glenoe Waterfall is that you can swim in the pool at the bottom of it.

Particularly in Summer, many people will flock to Glenoe Waterfall in their swimwear to get photos for Instagram.

It’s definitely a waterfall worth visiting and I would recommend spending some time there if you are in the area.

A picture of the Glenoe Waterfall. One of the few waterfalls in Northern Ireland where you can swim at the bottom.

Address: Glenoe Waterfall, Waterfall Rd, Gleno, Larne BT40 3LE

2. Ness Country Park

You can find some of the most picturesque waterfalls in Northern Ireland within Ness Country Park. The park is near Limavady and aside from the waterfalls, has lots of nice walks and picnic spots.

The waterfall itself is a beautiful, cascading waterfall that tumbles down a rocky outcropping, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. The sound of the falling water creates a soothing background noise, and visitors can sit on the nearby rocks and take in the natural beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding countryside.

Ness Country Park also has the tallest waterfalls in the country.

Address: 50 Oughtagh Rd, Killaloo, Londonderry BT47 3TR

3. Glenariff Forest Park

Glenariff Forest Park is one of the best places to find waterfalls in Northern Ireland. There are 3 spectacular waterfalls here along with beautiful walks and trails for all levels of experience and fitness.

Many times I have had a great day out at Glenariff Forest Park, both as a child and as an adult. It never gets old visiting the waterfalls, they’re some of my favourites in the country.

A picture of one of the waterfalls within Glenariff Forest Park.
© Tourism Ireland photographed by Stefan Schnebelt

Address: Glenariff Forest Park, Glenariffe Rd, Ballymena BT44 0QX

4. Tollymore Forest

Tollymore Forest Park is at the bottom of the Mourne Mountains – the largest mountains and where some of the most Instagrammable spots in Northern Ireland are – allowing for lots of waterfalls. Tollymore Forest is huge in itself, and within the forest are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Northern Ireland.

A picture of a waterfall in Tollymore Forest Park.

Address: Tollymore Forest Park, Bryansford Rd, Newcastle BT33 0PR

5. Cranny Falls

The 5th waterfall in Northern Ireland is at Cranny Falls, and in my opinion, it is absolutely incredible. I think it’s definitely one of the more photogenic ones! As with Glenoe, you are able to swim in the pool at the bottom too on a warm day (hard to come by in NI I know!) The area around Cranny Falls is also perfect for nature lovers and hikers. Cranny Falls could also be considered a hidden gem, as it’s nowhere near as popular as the likes of Glenariff.

Address: Cranny Falls, Larne, Ballymena BT44 0LJ

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6. Dunseverick Falls

Located along the Causeway Coast, the Dunseverick Falls look great 24/7 all year long. As with swimming at the Giant’s Causeway, it’s not recommended to swim here due to the sharp edges of the rocks.

I would describe Dunsverick Falls as “the Giant’s Causeway with water rapids”. The rocks are very similar and made from the same type of stone as the Giant’s Causeway, and with water flowing over the top, these waterfalls are absolutely beautiful to look at.

Address: 190 Causeway Rd, Bushmills BT57 8SY

7. Mourne Mountains

The Mourne Mountains are an extraordinary part of the country, and @wildirishwanderer on Instagram discovered a hidden waterfall in the Mournes. It’s one of the most impressive waterfalls in Northern Ireland that I have seen and it is such a hidden gem! Most of the country doesn’t even know that it exists!

It’s private and secluded and you are able to swim in it too. I also don’t think it looks like something from Northern Ireland- I would say it looks more like an incredible waterfall in Iceland. Definitely, one of the top waterfalls to visit!

Also, if you choose to stay near the Mourne Mountains, the Donard Hotel is one of the best luxurious Belfast spa hotels!

Where to find the Secret Waterfall: “We literally stumbled across this epic drop, whilst trekking down towards Ben Crom Reservoir from Hare’s Gap. We were amazed at how it could be located in the middle of the Mourne Mountains.”

8. Dunne Waterfall

One of the tallest waterfalls in Northern Ireland is Dunne Waterfall. You can walk behind the waterfall and have the water spurt over you (the ledge pushes the water off the side of the rocks).

There’s also a beach right beside it, Downhill beach, and it’s also right beside Mussenden Temple. It’s one of the most fairy-tale spots in Northern Ireland. With a waterfall, beach and temple all within eyes view of each other.

A picture of Dunne Waterfall. Possibly the highest waterfall in Northern Ireland.
Image credit David Seymour

Address: 818 Seacoast Rd, Castlerock, Coleraine BT51 4SD

9. Linn Falls

A picture of one of the waterfalls at Linn Falls.
Image credit Franklin Dandas

Linn Falls is a peaceful, small waterfall which in my opinion is one of the most Irish or British-looking waterfalls.

I don’t know how to describe it but with the moss on the rocks and the rocks that look like an old wall, it just looks like something that fits the country well.

Of course, it is also a nice waterfall to visit. It’s in the countryside and you walk past fields of sheep to reach it. The surrounding area, as you may imagine, is also great for walks and hikes, similar to most of the waterfalls on this list.

Address: Linn Falls, Larne BT40 2PZ

10. Blackslee Waterfall

Blackslee waterfall is surrounded by 6km of trails to reach the waterfall. The waterfall is the furthest point but the walk is more than worth it. That being said, it is along poor paths and is a circular loop so you have to walk the full 6km as the waterfall is about halfway, so please consider your walking ability and fitness if you plan to visit Blackslee.

Address: Blackslee Waterfall Walk Parking, Enniskillen BT93 6FA

11. Drummoney Falls

The waterfalls at Drummoney are some of the most peaceful waterfalls in Northern Ireland. As they are so wide and short, they are very different to the other waterfalls on this list. There are a series of drops over a few hundred metres, so it is a continuous waterfall. So relaxing to watch!

Address: Drummoney Falls, Derrybrick Rd, Enniskillen BT93 1BL

12. Clare Glen Woodland

You can find lots of small water rapids at Clare Glen Woodland. Again, there are lovely walks alongside the streams of water throughout the woodland. There’s also a caravan park where you can stay if you wish. The sound of the falling water would create a soothing background noise, adding to the tranquillity of the natural setting.

A picture of a waterfall at Clare Glen Woodland.
Image credit Christopher McConville

Address: Clare Glen Caravan Park, Markethill Rd, Tandragee, Craigavon BT62 2ET

13. Crawfordsburn Country Park

Last but by no means least on the list of waterfalls in Northern Ireland is Crawfordsburn Country Park, home to one of the more unique waterfalls in Northern Ireland because it has twists and turns as well as a big drop as you can see by the image below. At the base of the waterfall, there is a small pond where you can watch the water flow down, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

A picture of a waterfall in Crawfordsburn County Park. One of the more unique waterfalls in Northern Ireland.
©Tourism Ireland

Address: 32 Bridge Rd S, Helen’s Bay, Bangor BT19 1JT

Waterfalls in Northern Ireland: FAQ

Below are some questions related to waterfalls in Northern Ireland along with my answers to each question.

Where is the highest waterfall in Northern Ireland?

The highest waterfall in Northern Ireland is located in Ness Country Park.

Where is the secret waterfall in the Mournes?

The secret waterfall in the Mournes is located somewhere between Ben Crom Reservoir and Hare’s Gap.

Can you swim at Gleno Waterfall?

Yes! Gleno Waterfall is one of the few waterfalls in Northern Ireland where you can swim in the pool at the bottom.

Waterfalls in Northern Ireland: Conclusion

And there you have it, 13 of the finest waterfalls in Northern Ireland.

As a small country, it can be hard to find waterfalls, but thankfully there are still some great options to explore!

Whether you choose Glenariff or Crawfordsburn, you are guaranteed to have a good time at any of these waterfalls.

After checking out some of the waterfalls in the country, I’d recommend visiting some of the most Instagrammable locations for some great pics.