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  • Yahoo – How Much Cash To Have Stashed in the Case of a Travel Emergency
  • GoBankingRates – Here’s How Much Money You Actually Need To Travel the World for a Year, According to Experts
  • US News – 12 Unconventional Ways to Save on Travel
  • AOL – 6 Affordable Island and Beach Vacations To Take This Holiday Season
  • App Store Apps – Best Apps for Movie Streaming
  • MSN – 27 Best Places To Visit In Iceland In 2024
  • Wikipedia – Banana Pancake Trail
  • Mike & Laura Travel – 15 BEST Day Trips From Copenhagen You’ll LOVE For 2024
  • Bored Panda – Guy Who Lived In Most Big Cities In The US Shares The Worst Three To Live In While In Your 20s
  • Jessie On A Journey – 20 Best Weekend Trips From Rome, Italy
  • Adventurous Kate – 40 Italy Landmarks To Experience Once In Your Lifetime
  • Mad Monkey Hostels – A Guide to Vang Vieng, Laos
  • Feel Free Travel – Thailand Island Hopping: Ultimate Guide (2024)
A collage of brands that have worked with me
  • Destination DC: Official DC Tourism Board – general promotion of DC on my site
  • Brim Explorer: Best Oslo Boat Tours To Take
  • Devour Tours: Best Athens Food Tours To Take
  • Rewind Dubrovnik: Sunset Cruise Dubrovnik: Best Tour Review

Collaborating with Josh has been an incredibly smooth and rewarding experience. His communication was consistently clear and effective, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. Every commitment was not only met but often surpassed, reflecting a high standard of professionalism and dedication. Josh’s ability to exceed expectations has been truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend engaging with Josh and A Backpacker’s World Blog for anyone seeking a reliable and outstanding partnership. Their service is not just satisfactory; it’s exceptional.


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