Copenhagen to Legoland: Ultimate Guide 2024

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Copenhagen is by far the most popular destination to visit in Denmark, and for good reason, the city is incredible.

But one of the country’s most visited attractions, Legoland, is a bit outside Copenhagen. So getting from Copenhagen to Legoland can be a bit confusing if you aren’t familiar with Denmark.

Luckily for you, I’ve spent a lot of time in Copenhagen and I have visited Legoland, so I’ve created the ultimate guide for getting from Copenhagen to Legoland.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

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Where is Legoland in Denmark?

The Legoland in Denmark is in Billund, a town in central Denmark. Billund is actually the birthplace of Lego bricks, and the worldwide brand began in the small town of Billund in Denmark.

And it was also in Billund that the first Legoland was opened, so if you visit Legoland here, you are visiting the original park.

There is an international airport near Billund so if you are visiting Denmark or Copenhagen solely for Legoland, it may be easier to just fly directly. I always see cheap flights to Billund on Skyscanner.

How far is it from Copenhagen to Legoland?

The distance between Copenhagen and Legoland is pretty large, with Copenhagen being pretty much as far east as you can get in Denmark.

The official distance is 265 kilometres, equivalent to 165 miles. So unfortunately Legoland isn’t exactly on Copenhagen’s doorstep.

Top Tip: Make sure to book your tickets for Legoland Billund in advance, as the park will often sell out during peak seasons!

Copenhagen to Legoland Options

There are four main options for getting from Copenhagen to Legoland. They are:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Driving
  • Plane

In my opinion, the best option is to take the bus. It’s the quickest and most direct, and it’s not that extortionate of a price considering how expensive Copenhagen is.

To help you decide which option is best for you, I’m now going to do a deep dive into all 5 of the different transport methods to get from Copenhagen to Legoland.

Copenhagen to Legoland By Bus

As I said, the best way to get from Copenhagen to Legoland is by taking the bus. Flixbus run direct buses from Copenhagen to Legoland Billund, making it super convenient and easy to get between the two places.

And it’s cheaper than all the other options too! It only costs £31 / $39 / €36 to get the bus, although it may cost more during peak season. But that’s so cheap for Denmark prices!

Unfortunately, the buses aren’t very frequent, usually only one per day, but they’re usually early in the morning to allow you a full day at the park. And then the return from Legoland to Copenhagen is late in the afternoon.

It’s so convenient and definitely the easiest way to get between the two. And the best way. And the cheapest. It’s a win-win-win.

If the direct buses to Legoland don’t suit you for whatever reason, you could get the bus from Copenhagen to Vejle and then get a bus from there to Legoland, but that’s what you have to do if you get the train so I will discuss it in more detail in the train section. Let’s get into it!

A picture of a bus in Copenhagen. The best way to get from Copenhagen to Legoland is getting a bus.

Copenhagen to Legoland By Train

Probably the second best option is getting the train. Copenhagen Central Station (København H – make sure you know this as Copenhagen in Danish is used on all the signs) can get you to pretty much anywhere in Scandinavia, Legoland included.

There’s not a direct train to Billund as it’s too small and doesn’t have a train station, but the nearest station is Vejle. Trains from Copenhagen to Vejle are pretty frequent, running every 3 hours most days. The journey takes just under 2 hours 30 minutes.

Then from Vejle, you can get a bus directly to Legoland. Take bus 43 which takes 34 minutes to get to the theme park, bringing the total travel time to just over 3 hours.

You can expect the train ticket to cost around £30 / $38 / €36 and the bus ticket and the bus ticket will be less than £/$/€10. So all in, approximately £38 / $46 / €44 for the single journey. It might work out slightly cheaper for both journeys if you buy return tickets rather than two single journeys.

A picture taken from the inside of a train looking over some seats with a window view of the station and a sign saying København H
A train leaving Copenhagen Central Station

Copenhagen to Legoland By Plane

If you aren’t just visiting Legoland for a day trip and are staying in Billund for a couple of days, you might consider taking a flight from Copenhagen to Billund.

The flight takes approximately 50 minutes but when you add time for checking in and getting through security, you’re looking at between 2 and 3 hours of your time to get from Copenhagen to Billund.

Nonetheless, if you have a lot of luggage or don’t like trains and buses, flying is definitely a viable option. Make sure to use Skyscanner to get the best flight deals possible.

A picture of two planes in Copenhagen Airport. It's another option for getting from Copenhagen to Legoland.

Copenhagen to Legoland By Driving

A final option for getting to Legoland from Copenhagen is to drive yourself there. This option provides the most flexibility as it allows you to go whenever you want, and make any stops along the way that you may want to make too.

Taking the most direct route from Copenhagen to the Billund attraction will take around 3 hours, assuming you go the speed limit.

When renting a car, I always use Discover Cars because they find the best prices from lots of different rental companies and put them together for you to see. I’d recommend using them if you want to rent a car in Copenhagen or anywhere else in Denmark.

Copenhagen to Legoland: FAQ

Below are some common questions related to getting from Copenhagen to Legoland, along with my answers.

Is Legoland Denmark worth it?

Yes, Legoland in Billund was the original Legoland, and the birthplace of Lego bricks, so it’s definitely worth visiting. It’s also a really cool theme park and a great place to have some fun for kids and adults alike.

How to get from Copenhagen to Legoland Billund

The best way to get from Copenhagen to Legoland Billund is to take a bus with Flixbus. There’s a direct bus there in the morning and a return bus in the late afternoon. It’s not too expensive and is the easiest way to get directly between the two places.

How do I get from Copenhagen to Lego House?

The best way to get from Copenhagen to Lego House is to take a Flixbus which takes you directly from Copenhagen to the Lego House. It takes under 3 hours and there is a return bus later in the day. It’s by far the best and most convenient option for getting to Legoland from Copenhagen.

Copenhagen to Legoland: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide for getting from Copenhagen to Legoland.

Remember, the best option is to get a Flixbus from Copenhagen to Legoland which will take you directly to the resort from Copenhagen.

It’s so convenient and by far the best way to get there.

Enjoy your time in Copenhagen and of course, enjoy your visit to Legoland. They’re both amazing!