Is there Uber in Amsterdam? 2024 Guide

Are you wondering whether there is Uber in Amsterdam or not? You’re in the right place.

Amsterdam is a wonderful city to visit, it’s got a bit of everything, and no matter what you are interested in, you are guaranteed to find something for you in Amsterdam.

But how can you get around the city? Is there Uber in Amsterdam?

This is a really common question before visiting Amsterdam. Uber gets more popular around the world day by day, and it would make getting around super easy if Amsterdam did use the ride-hailing app.

Luckily for you, I’ve spent a lot of time in Amsterdam, and I’ve created this ultimate guide as to whether there is Uber in Amsterdam or not.

So let’s get into it!

Uber Amsterdam

Thankfully, Uber hasn’t had any problems in Amsterdam like it has in other cities like London or throughout Germany. Uber has always been pretty stable in the Netherlands.

So to answer the question, yes, there is Uber in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is actually pretty well suited to Uber, as you aren’t going to be driving for really long distances, so it’s convenient to just hop in and hop out without having to pay in person as you do in a taxi.

Ubers in Amsterdam are also pretty good in terms of reliability, the standard of driving, cleanliness, personalities, etc. Even though the language in Amsterdam is Dutch, most people speak English so you can have some good conversations with drivers if you wish.

There are also lots of ride options like there are elsewhere in the world. There are 9 or more different options. Obviously the prices vary on which option you go for.

Amsterdam also has lots and lots of drivers, so you will never be waiting too long for a ride, no matter what time of day it is.

A picture of a canal in Amsterdam.

Uber has been in Amsterdam since 2012, and hasn’t had many problems since. There was a court case in April of 2023 about data privacy, but the court ruled in favour of Uber. So unlike elsewhere in the world, Uber hasn’t had to dodge and swerve new laws and regulations trying to illegalise the ride-hailing app.

But things can change quickly, so I would recommend downloading the Uber app and trying to book a ride in Amsterdam. That’s the only way you can truly see for certainty whether or not there is Uber in the city. As of the last 11 years though, there is.

Uber also operates in Amsterdam for Uber Eats, and you can rent electric bikes throughout the city with Uber. And Uber actually has a headquarters office in Amsterdam too. So it’s fair to say Uber is quite prevalent in the Dutch capital.

To summarise, the answer to “Is there Uber in Amsterdam?” is yes.

Is Uber expensive in Amsterdam?

Obviously, the price of an Uber depends on which service you opt for. There are 10 main services in Amsterdam, but there may be more on offer from time to time. The services as of writing this are:

  • Uber for Ukraine
  • Uber Pet
  • UberX
  • Uber Comfort
  • Uber Green
  • UberX Saver
  • UberX Debit
  • Uber Bike
  • Uber Black
  • Uber Van

There are lots of great options here. A particular favourite of mine is Uber Bike, which isn’t renting a bike…it’s a car with a bike rack on the back. Since cycling is such a popular way to get around Amsterdam, Uber Bike was introduced to allow you to find a ride that can bring your bike too. It’s a great idea and really useful for locals too.

Uber is a lot cheaper than taxis in Amsterdam, which are known throughout Europe for their notoriously high fares. As you can see below, getting from Schiphol airport to the city centre costs €36-40 with Uber Saver.

A screenshot of Uber in Amsterdam estimating the price for a ride from the airport to the centre. The cheapest is Uber Saver which is €36-40.

A taxi rate usually costs between €35-55 for a ride to the city centre, so as you can see, Uber has a much smaller price bracket. And as I said, prices will depend on which ride option you go for.

From my experience, in Amsterdam, Uber always tend to be cheaper than taxis. Even though Ubers are pretty expensive in Amsterdam compared to other parts of the world, they’re still a better option. You’ll find that Amsterdam is a relatively expensive place to visit anyway.

Other ways to get around Amsterdam

If you choose not to opt for Uber, fear not, there are lots of other great options for getting around the city. Most of the main attractions in Amsterdam are very close together, so walking is one of the best options. On top of walking, you can get around Amsterdam by:

  • Cycling
  • Tram
  • Metro
  • Ferries
  • Bus

Public transportation is great in the Netherlands and is pretty reliable too. There are lots of options for getting trams in particular, which not only gets you from A to B but also makes a memory…the experience of riding through picturesque Amsterdam on a traditional tram.

If you fancy travelling in style, you might take a private boat tour of Amsterdam where you can travel by canal and customise the itinerary to stop exactly where you want.

In my opinion, the best way to get around is by cycling. It’s how the locals get around, and it’s cheap and efficient too. You can get by so much faster than walking. Not to mention how cycle-friendly Amsterdam is. There are over 500km of cycle lanes in Amsterdam.

A picture of a bike leaning against a railing in Amsterdam. It's another option to get around if you don't use Uber in Amsterdam.

Uber Amsterdam: FAQ

Below are some questions related to Uber in Amsterdam along with my answers.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Amsterdam?

Yes, Uber is cheaper than taxi in Amsterdam. Uber is pretty expensive in Amsterdam compared to other cities in Europe, but it is still cheaper than taxis. Taxis in Amsterdam are famous for their super high prices.

Do they use Uber or Lyft in Amsterdam?

Uber is used in Amsterdam. Lyft is only available in North America, so Uber is the main ride-hailing app in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. Uber is cheaper than local taxis and is one of the best ways to get around the city.

Does Uber pick up at Amsterdam airport?

Yes, Uber picks up at Amsterdam Airport. A ride from the airport to the city centre will cost, on average, between €35-40, which is less than a normal taxi would cost.

How much does an Uber cost in Amsterdam?

It depends on where you are going, and which ride option you choose. Uber in Amsterdam is pretty expensive, but still cheaper than taxis. As a reference, a ride from the airport to the centre costs between €35-40 for a 30-minute journey.

Uber Amsterdam: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide to Uber in Amsterdam.

Remember, there is Uber in Amsterdam. It’s very easy and reliable to use.

Ubers are cheaper than taxis too, so they’re a great option for getting around the city.

So enjoy your trip to Amsterdam. You’ll have an amazing time, it’s a special, special place.