Is There Uber In Stockholm? 2024 Guide

Is there Uber in Stockholm?” is one of the most common questions I have from people planning a trip to the city.

It’s a really common question for any destination, as Uber has grown to be the most popular way of getting around all across the world.

But can you use it in Stockholm? This is a question I had myself before visiting the city.

Now, after spending just under a week in the Swedish capital, I feel confident to provide a guide on whether or not there is Uber in Stockholm.

Is There Uber In Stockholm?

If you’re looking for a quickfire answer, yes, Uber does work in Stockholm.

Uber has operated throughout Sweden and in Stockholm since 2014 when it began operating in all of the Scandinavian countries.

To be honest, I was quite surprised when I found out the answer was yes, it’s available. Because Uber is illegal in Denmark, I assumed Sweden would have similar laws.

As it turns out, when Uber began operating in the Nordic countries in 2014, Norway, Denmark and Finland all put strict regulations against Uber, but Sweden did not.

However Uber has caused some concern among taxi drivers, and it hasn’t exactly been as big of a hit in Sweden as in other countries.

As well as Uber, Bolt is another option in Stockholm. It provides a similar service to Uber, and they both work just as well.

A picture of a taxi in Stockholm. There is Uber in Stockholm.

And even though Uber in Stockholm is a thing, in my opinion, it’s not very reliable. Or at least, that’s how it was for me.

It took a long time to find a driver, 5-10 minutes usually at least. Anywhere else where I have used Uber, it was almost instant.

There aren’t many drivers who use Uber in Sweden, and it only actually operates in major cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

But yeah, I didn’t find it very reliable. Especially from busy places. At the airport, for example, I couldn’t find a driver after spending 10 minutes searching. And I could see a taxi rank with over 30 cars sitting there.

In any other country, it would ping instantly to one of the drivers sitting there, but not here. I’m guessing here, but I assume it’s because the drivers know that they will get more money for doing the same journey as a taxi rather than an Uber, so they all just don’t accept the ride.

Another example is when my brother and I went to a football match in Stockholm, and after the match tried to get an Uber. The same thing happened, I could see a load of free taxis, but none of them accepted the ride. I ended up having to pay for a taxi and it was pricey.

Stockholm is expensive, and taxis are one of the most expensive things about the city, so it’s frustrating that Uber isn’t more reliable.

A picture of Stortorget in Stockholm. It's the main square with lots of narrow coloured buildings.

But when Uber does come through in Stockholm, it’s a great experience. I found all of the drivers I had during my time in Stockholm to be really friendly and good drivers too, very safe.

All of them greeted me with “Welcome, welcome” as I got into the taxi which I found quite amusing. I love how other countries have their own little phrases in English which they have picked up.

I always learn the basics of a language when visiting a country too, so I can use my manners in the native language to show my appreciation. If you want to thank your Uber driver as you get out, say “tack“.

In terms of Uber options in Stockholm, you’ve pretty much got all the classic options which you would have anywhere else.

Uber Saver, UberX, Uber Comfort, Uber Pet, Uber XL, Uber Green, Uber Black, Uber Lux and more are available in the city.

A screenshot of some of the car options for Uber in Stockholm.

And of course, Uber Eats is available in Stockholm too. As is Uber Package. Which I haven’t seen before- it’s a service where you can get an Uber driver to send or pick up packages for you. Quite cool if you’re lazy like me!

But to answer the question “Is there Uber in Stockholm?“, yes, there is Uber in Stockholm but I would only recommend you use it if you have time to wait for a driver. If you are in a rush, you’re better off getting a taxi.

Is Uber Expensive In Stockholm?

Uber in Stockholm is pretty expensive. In other countries, Uber is much cheaper than traditional taxis, but this isn’t the case in Sweden.

I would estimate that Uber is 10% cheaper than a normal taxi in Stockholm. But the fact that Uber has a set fee is a lifesaver.

That football match I was talking about earlier where I couldn’t get an Uber, the taxi ended up costing 900 SEK because we got stuck in so much traffic. That’s around £70 GBP.

On Uber, it was going to cost me around 300 SEK. And as we know, that price does not change regardless of how long the journey takes.

So while Uber isn’t much cheaper than taxis in Stockholm, it’s still cheaper and the biggest selling point is that the price is fixed.

And you might also get to ride in some cool cars too, it was in Stockholm that I was in a Tesla for the first time. It was really fun.

Most cars in Stockholm are electric too, so you can get Uber without feeling guilty about the environment.

A picture I took from the back seat of a Tesla. It's night time, dark and you can't see much except the illuminated touchscreen of the TEsla.
A picture I took from the back of an Uber ride in a Tesla in Stockholm.

Other Ways To Get Around Stockholm

If you choose not to use Uber in Stockholm, there are lots of other options for getting around.

Most of the things that make Stockholm worth visiting are close together. The likes of the Royal Palace, Stortorget, the City Hall, etc., are all very close to each other and within walking distance.

Walking through Stockholm is actually one of the best ways to get around, as Gamla Stan, the old town, is beautiful and simply walking the streets is a great way to spend time in the city.

But if you’re looking for other ways to get around, the public transport in Stockholm is superb. In typical Scandinavian fashion, it’s extremely reliable and punctual, and it isn’t actually that expensive either.

Public transport in Stockholm consists of buses, trams, trains and ferries. Yes! Even ferries are considered public transport in Stockholm. After all, the city is just a group of islands, right?

A picture of a pedestrian ferry in Stockholm, one of the forms of public transport.

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You could also consider renting a car in Stockholm. Having your own car is actually really useful, as although public transport is great, it can be a bit long to get from A to B due to the layout of the city, especially if you need to take a mix of modes of transport.

Having your own car means you can go exactly where you want, whenever you want.

The only downside is finding places to park. It can take a bit longer than in other cities. The old town, for example, isn’t exactly designed for car parking. And most of the attractions like the ABBA Museum don’t actually have parking.

But other than that, having your own car in Stockholm is really useful.

I recommend using Discover Cars as they compile all of the best car rental companies into one site allowing you to find the best cars for the best prices. They’ve always been great with me and I use them no matter where in the world I’m renting a car.

And as I said, the cars in Stockholm are pretty futuristic so you’ll probably get quite a cool car to drive for your time in the city too!

Is There Uber In Stockholm: FAQ

Below are some questions related to Uber in Stockholm along with my answers for each question.

Can I get an Uber from Stockholm airport?

Yes, it’s possible to get an Uber from Stockholm airport. But it can take a while to find a driver as most taxi drivers do not use Uber, so do not rely on it if you are tight on time.

How much is an Uber from Stockholm airport to the city centre?

An Uber from Stockholm airport to the city centre typically costs around 550 SEK which is equivalent to £40/€46/$50. Obviously, it depends on the type of ride you choose too. This is the price for an Uber Saver.

Can you get Uber in Sweden?

Yes, you can get Uber in Sweden. Uber operates in major Swedish cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

Is Uber or taxi cheaper in Sweden?

Generally, Uber can be more cost-effective than traditional taxis in Sweden, which are pretty expensive, but prices depend on factors like distance and demand. And at times, Uber can be unreliable as drivers favour giving lifts as a taxi than as an Uber.

Conclusion: Is There Uber In Stockholm

And there you have it, a complete guide to Uber in Stockholm.

Remember, there is Uber in Stockholm and it is cheaper than getting a taxi, but it can be unreliable at times, so don’t rely on it if you are tight on time.

There are few Uber drivers in the city, as taxis pay the drivers more money. And be sure to download the Bolt app too as another option.

Enjoy your trip to Stockholm, it’s a beautiful city.