Is Rome A Country OR Is Rome A City?

Wondering whether or not Rome is a country?

Then you’ve come to the right article as I’ve written a complete answer to this question.

Rome is a place famous all around the world for its beautiful ancient architecture.

But is Rome a country? Is Rome a city?

Understanding the difference can be confusing, particularly as Ancient Rome took over the world. The Romans were the civilization at the time, right?

After visiting Rome and learning all about the history of Rome, I feel confident to write an in-depth guide to the question.

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Is Rome A Country?

No, Rome is not a country. Rome is a city and has a population of 2.873 million as of 2017.

I imagine the confusion around Rome’s city or country status comes from the Roman Empire which dominated the world.

The Roman Empire, which was one of the most powerful empires in the world, was centred in Rome, meaning the city is home to many important historical sites which coincide with the tourist attractions in Rome, such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Roman Forum.

Rome is a city worth visiting without a doubt, and I would recommend it to anyone. Seeing such significant landmarks in real life is a true pinch-yourself moment, and everything is much larger than it looks in pictures.

A picture of the Colosseum in Rome. Is Rome a country? No.

Is Rome A City?

Yes, Rome is a city. It is the capital city of the Lazio region, and also the capital city of Italy.

Rome is a city with a rich history and culture attracting over 10 million tourists each year. Nothing beats visiting Rome for the first time, the tourist attractions are extraordinary. As mentioned before, the ancient Roman ruins are truly a thing of beauty.

Rome also has an incredible food scene, with hundreds of delicious restaurants, pizzerias, gelatos and more.

A picture of the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Is Rome a city? Yes.

What Country Is Rome In?

Rome is in Italy, it is the capital city of Italy too, a country in southern Europe known for its abundance of UNESCO Sites, renaissance art, and delicious cuisine.

Rome is an amazing city with so many great things to do from the Colosseum to the Pantheon and everything in between. There are so many reasons to visit and it won’t break the bank either- Rome is only as expensive as other cities in Europe. I always assumed it was more expensive.

Known for many reasons, Rome is famous around the world, and the country which it is in is Italy.

A picture of the Pantheon in Rome. Rome is the capital city of Italy.

Where Is Italy?

Now that we know Rome is in Italy, we need to learn where abouts Italy is on a world map.

Italy is a country in the southern part of mainland Europe. Its bordering countries are France, Switzerland, Australia and Slovenia.

If you look at Italy on a map, the shape of the country looks like a boot.

A world map focusing on Europe. Italy is a boot shaped country. Is Rome a country? No, it is in Italy.
Labelled on this map as “Italien”

Italy is a beautiful country and a country filled with diverse landscapes. From the Dolomites Mountain range to the Amalfi coast, Italy has a little bit of everything.

Where Is Rome?

Now that we have located Italy, we need to know where Rome lies in Italy. Rome is in the Lazio region of Italy (which it is the capital of) and this is in Central Italy. You can see it in the map below, it is highlighted in Italy with a red circle around it.

A map of Europe with Rome highlighted.

Rome is surrounded by hills and the Lepini mountains. Unfortunately, there aren’t any beaches in Rome but it isn’t too far away from the coast though, about 1 hour from it.

Is Vatican City In Rome?

Yes, Vatican City is within Rome. Vatican City is an independent state situated in the city of Rome.

This means that within the city of Rome, there is a country. This could be another reason why people mistakenly think Rome is a country.

It is the home of the Pope along with St. Peter’s Basilica, the biggest church in the world, and the Sistine Chapel, one of the most famous art pieces in the world.

A picture of the Sistine Chapel inside Vatican City.
The Sistine Chapel.

Vatican City is not part of Italy, and instead is its own state, despite being within the boundaries of Rome. It is a state within a city. This means that during a visit to Rome, you can visit 2 countries: Italy and Vatican City.

Is Vatican City A Country?

Yes, Vatican City is a country. Despite being called Vatican City, it is a country, and its own independent state.

This means it has its own laws etc. from the rest of Italy. Vatican City is not a part of Italy, despite being in Rome, Italy.

Vatican City is a separate country. It’s the smallest country in the world, in fact.

The view from the dome of St. Peter's Basilica at sunset.

As mentioned above, the Vatican is home to the Pope who is at the top of the Catholic Church.

Catholics come from all over the world to see the Pope address the Vatican, particularly in December in Rome, as the Pope has a Christmas blessing on Christmas morning.

The Vatican City is home to one of my favourite views in the world: the view from St. Peter’s Basilica dome, pictured above. It’s an unbelievable view, particularly at sunset. Wow!


Below are some related questions to “Is Rome a country?” along with their answers.

Is Rome a country yes or no?

No, Rome is not a country. It is the capital city of Italy, a country in the south of Europe.

Was Rome ever a country?

The Roman Republic became a republic in 509 BC, however, it was not a republic by modern definition. It was a string of towns allowed to rule themselves but were classed as Roman and ultimately fell under Roman control. But no, Rome was never a country in the traditional sense.

Is Rome a country or continent?

Rome is neither a country nor a continent. Rome is a city in the Lazio region of Italy. It is the capital city of both Lazio and the country of Italy.

Is Rome a European country?

No, Rome is not a European country. It is a city. Rome is the capital city of Italy, which is in Europe.

Is Rome a country or a state?

Rome is neither a country nor a state. Rome is a city in the region of Lazio in Italy, and Rome is the capital city of Italy, in fact.

Is Rome A Country: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete guide to Rome’s identity. Is Rome a country? No. Is Rome a city? Yes.

Rome is the capital city of Italy, with a population of 2.873 million (2017) and attracts over 10 million tourists each year.

It’s also home to Vatican City, an independent state, a new country that is not a part of Italy, despite being in the heart of Rome.

It can be confusing but once you understand the geography of Rome and Italy, it is an amazing city and country to visit!

If you do choose to visit Rome, I recommend planning your trip carefully. I’d start with learning how to get from Rome airport to the city.

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