How to get from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre in 2024

Wondering how to get from Copenhagen Airport to the city?

You’ve come to the right article as I’ve visited Copenhagen multiple times and made the journey from the airport to the city every time.

I know how intimidating it can be to arrive in a foreign country and not know how to get from the airport

Thankfully, Copenhagen Airport to City Centre is an easy journey with plenty of options to choose from.

I’ve created a list of all the ways you can get from the airport to the city centre, outlining the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre

When you are visiting Copenhagen for the first time, it’s unlikely you will know how to get from Copenhagen Airport to the centre of Copenhagen. There are 6 possible ways to reach the heart of Copenhagen from the airport.

Options to get from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre

These 6 options to reach the centre of Copenhagen are:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Metro
  • Taxi
  • Car Rental
  • Private Transfer

Best Way to get from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre

Comparing the 6 methods, we can see that the best way to get from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre is by travelling by train.

Train36 DKK12 mins
Bus36 DKK35 mins
Metro36 DKK15 mins
Taxi250+ DKK20 mins
Car Rental20 mins
Private Transfer811 DKK20 mins

Travelling by train is the joint-cheapest option, and takes the least amount of time. Therefore, the train is the best option. Denmark is expensive, so taking the cheapest option is a good way to save money.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: By Train

As I said, the best way to get from Copenhagen airport is by taking the train. The train station is located within the airport and you can easily follow the signs locating it.

A picture of a board in Copenhagen Airport with directions for the Train station.
The entrance to the train station in Copenhagen Airport. The train is the best way to get from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre.
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The trains leave every 10-20 minutes depending on what time of day it is and it costs 36 DKK, roughly equivalent to £4.30 / $5.28 / €4.84. However, it’s also included in your Copenhagen Card, which allows you unlimited public transport and free access to most of the main attractions in the city.

On the fence about the Copenhagen card? Read my Copenhagen Card review.

🚨Save money with the Copenhagen Card. Make sure to buy yours.

If you don’t choose to get the Copenhagen Card, you can buy tickets at the airport. There are ticket machines similar to ATMs where you are able to buy your tickets.

The machines to buy your train ticket in Copenhagen Airport
Train departures board in Copenhagen Airport.
Look for trains that stop at “København H”

You most likely want to get off at Copenhagen Central Station, known as København H as it’s what Copenhagen is called in Danish.

You can see which trains stop at the Central Station by checking the departure boards at the Airport’s train station.

Most trains do not end their journey at the Central Station, so make sure you listen out for your stop.

Usually, they will announce Copenhagen Central Station in English as well as Danish, since it’s the most popular stop for tourists.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: By Bus

Another option for getting from Copenhagen Airport to the centre of the city is by taking the bus. The journey takes about 35 minutes, so it’s a lot slower than getting on the train.

It also costs the same price as the train, so it would be a confusing decision to opt for the bus over the train. However, once again, the bus journey would be included in your Copenhagen Card.

Sign in Copenhagen Airport pointing to buses
A bus in Copenhagen

The bus journey may offer a nice ride through the city if you arrive in Denmark in daylight, however, this wasn’t the case when I visited Copenhagen in January, it was very dark.

Most buses will stop at København H, meaning you are right in the centre of Copenhagen, and this is actually the area I recommend staying in, as it is within walking distance of most of the main attractions.

You can feel safe in Copenhagen walking around, it’s one of the safest cities in the world.

Buses in Copenhagen are generally very reliable and on time.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: By Metro

A third option for reaching the city is to get the Metro, but I would not recommend this as there isn’t a Metro stop at København H, which is where you ideally would want to end your journey from the airport.

However, you may wish to choose to take the Metro if you are staying near Rosenborg Castle, as the Metro station, Nørreport Station, is very close to it.

Once again, the Metro station is in the airport and is well signposted and using the Metro is included in your Copenhagen Card.

A metro driving past at speed creating a blur effect.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: Taxi

Another way of reaching Copenhagen’s centre from Copenhagen Airport is by getting a taxi. This is probably the best option for families, particularly those with young kids who don’t want to travel on public transport with kids and luggage.

The journey takes about 20 minutes, and of course, a benefit of taking a taxi is that you will be dropped off straight at your hotel. It’s pretty easy to find a taxi from the airport as there is a taxi rank.

Taxis in Copenhagen all use a meter and are very reliable and safe to use, you will have no problems in this regard. All taxis in Copenhagen are yellow and look the same, with 4×27 written on the side. Unfortunately, there is no Uber in Copenhagen.

A yellow taxi in Copenhagen with 4x27 written on the side. Taxis are another option for getting from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: Car Rental

Car Rental is another option for getting from Copenhagen Airport to City Centre. Renting a car in Copenhagen will allow you to go anywhere you want, whenever you want, in the comfort of your own car. It allows the most flexibility during a trip to the city.

You can pick up your rental car directly at the airport too!

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Driving in Copenhagen is pretty easy. The roads are relatively quiet as most locals opt to cycle rather than drive- taking a bike tour is also one of the best things to do in the city.

Copenhageners are also very calm and relaxed, so there will be no road rage, and expect everyone to drive well and follow the rules of the road to a tee.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: Private Transfer

The most luxurious, comfortable and VIP-style way to reach the centre of Copenhagen is by getting a Private Transfer.

Private Transfers mean you are greeted at arrivals by your driver and driven straight to your accommodation. You’ll feel like a celebrity!

A Mercedes steering wheel.

It’s the best way to travel if you want to travel in style, have a lot of luggage and enjoy a bit of luxury.

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Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: FAQ

Below are a number of questions related to getting from Copenhagen Airport to the centre, along with my answers.

How much is train from Copenhagen airport to city?

A train from Copenhagen Airport to the city costs 36 DKK. If you have a Copenhagen Card, transport from the airport is included in the free public travel.

Is there a metro at Copenhagen airport?

Yes, there is a Metro station at Copenhagen Airport. You can take the Metro for 36 DKK to Nørreport Station, which is near Rosenborg Castle.

How far is Copenhagen airport to city centre?

Copenhagen airport is very close to the city centre, it’s approximately 8 kilometres.

How far is the Copenhagen airport from downtown?

The airport in Copenhagen is very close to downtown Copenhagen, with less than 5 miles separating the two.

Does Copenhagen have a good airport?

Yes, the airport in Copenhagen is good. Security times are quick, with a very efficient system. And there are an extensive number of transport options with a bus, train and metro station located within the airport.

Copenhagen Airport to City Centre: Conclusion

And there you have it, a complete overview of the 6 different options for going from Copenhagen Airport to the City Centre.

Remember, the best option is to take the train because it is the fastest and also the cheapest. And it’s also included in the Copenhagen Card.

Regardless of whichever way you choose to get into central Copenhagen, I hope you have a wonderful trip. It’s an amazing city!

Now that you know the best way to get from the airport, next up on your Copenhagen planning agenda is to figure out how much money you need. I created a budget calculator for a trip to Copenhagen so you can know exactly how much you need.

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